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Source: WalletHub

In the year 2013 an average of Two Hundred
in motor vehicle crashes.
Yet some places statistically are safer for teens than
others and the revelation behind that I believe can
save many more teen lives.
In my view the emphasis on GDL or Graduated Drivers Licensing
tips the scales more than anything else as you will find by studying

As a parent you can if you wish take this to another level by deriving your own GDL (Graduated Driving LIBERTY) system and making it even safer for your teen.

Gleaning from the statistics here are some ideas you could incorporate into you child’s GDL that would statically improve your child’s safety I believe.

  • If you state is saving lives by incorporating  a 12 month “Learners Permit” where a parent or qualified adult has to be along for the ride. Why Not add six months to the equation for safe measure if your state doesn’t have that program institute an 18 month ‘Learners Stage‘ yourself for your teen?
  • If your state like North Carolina has the next level of Provisional License where you can’t drive unsupervised after 9pm – 5am or have more than one passenger under 21. You can add to that and not allow any passengers under 21 for the first six months and set a curfew at 7pm. The you add to the time requirement of the Provisional Stage as well.
  • Another huge safety issue as you may have guessed is the presence of cell phone and or texting laws. Why not install an app on your child’s phone that will notify you if your child uses their phone while driving. My hope was that some one would have come up with a no brainer app that would just shut off the phones features while moving but not yet at least not for an iphone. I did write a separate article on the different apps I have tested. 4 Apps to Curb Texting Drivers
  • Lastly I would ask about your own driving habits. Do you speed? Do you text and drive? Do you drive impaired? Do you drive aggressively? All these things not only effect your teen driver but they are peer pressure when you blow by someone Else’s teen they think they need to keep up with traffic or they see you texting and driving and assume it’s a crazy law. Even blowing through a yellow light or a work zone someone may be watching that you won’t know this side of heaven you are effecting. Paul was clear in Titus 3:1-2 ” Remind them to be subject to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing all humility to all men.”
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