Yes, I pruned my little finger and as you may guess from the picture above and the title I didn’t follow the directions, very specifically the warning to keep both hands on the handle of the hedge trimmer at ALL TIMES.

God gave Adam very simple easy to follow instructions as well, “Do Not Eat of the Fruit of The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” As a result both Adam and I need a healing. The word heal in Hebrew is beyond beautiful and the more I look at it the better I feel. The first letter is a resh- meaning head, the second is a peh- meaning mouth, it literally is God’s mouth, take a really close look at the letter and it looks like a mouth, but beyond cool look really close and you will see the letter “BET” inside it. The letter bet- means house and is the first letter in the Torah or Bible as God spoke His house into existence. This is huge.

God’s healing comes from Jehovah Rapha – The PH sound in the word RAPHA is God’s mouth, naturally part of His face and you may know that Adam hid from God’s Face which starts with a “PEH”. Seek His Face and God will heal your land, 2 Chronicles 7:14 promises, It’s the Aaronic blessing, “The Lord make His Face to Shine Upon Thee”… Seeking is face is in fact seeking healing and it is beyond your hearts desire, I promise, below is my story that always reminds me of my true hearts desire.

One night as I was praying and praying, Jesus showed up and I wanted to hit the floor it was so awesome it was scary. Jesus, ask me, “Robby what do you want?” Talk about being caught completely off guard, I thought I was the one who should be asking what do you want me to do, but no it was HIM asking me what do I want.

Not knowing what to say, I glibly responded, “I want to serve you.”

Jesus simply said, “Do you?” there was no condemnation in his question but more a self examination, truly I was freaked out. Then like something you have herd about but didn’t really expect to see for yourself happened. My ‘life started to flash before my eyes’ that is the best way I know how to explain an event that I really can’t explain. Not my whole life but just things that somehow I knew Jesus had put on my heart to do that I had not done. One after another and another they came; I was to call an old friend, ask that one to lunch, reach out to this person, go over and visit that one. One after another after another they flashed before me but not as any condemnation but as tremendous opportunities yet to serve.

I was so excited to see the opportunities before me I went and got a piece of paper to write them all down as I did not want to miss out on any of these. Again there is no way of explaining the sensation of seeing people you know God wants you to reach out to and to know that is exactly the good works he had planned in advance for you to do. It was mind blowing.

Once the list was as complete as I could make it, I then laid back down to confer again with Jesus with a clear repentance. I can’t imagine the prodigal son could have run down that road any faster than I wanted to get up with these people that night, but at 4am I was going to have to wait. I was already completely thrilled with what had happened so far when something even more miraculous happened.

All of the sudden a phenomenal golden light, a radiance that was so profound my heart screamed out, “YOU ARE GOING TO SEE HIS FACE, YOU ARE GOING TO SEE HIS FACE!” A Light you always knew was there but have never seen, a sensation of complete Worship I could perceive I was made for but had never experienced. A sensory explanation for my mind somehow to get wrapped around the concept of, “when we’ve been there ten thousand years”. This was the Glory of the Lord Shinning right here in my bedroom in Clemmons, NC. I threw back the covers and attempted to wake my wife up to share it with her I was so exhilarated.

As quickly as the Glory came it left but I could still sense Jesus there and as I lay back down the understanding of it all washed over me like a giant wave on the beach. “Robby, now do you know what you want?” My thoughts pounded me, Jesus had come to show me a rare insight into my life, my service. Not only do I have amazing adventures awaiting me of reaching out to people in His love but even better, (if at all possible) my heart has a deep yearning to see His face. I didn’t know it was a gigantic desire, but it was long before I was born. I believe this phenomenal heart cry is in our DNA waiting to be released. It is my prayer that your reading of this event either reminds you of a similar experience or awakens your heart to your own encounter with The Fairest of Ten Thousand.

As the prodigal we yearn for HOME and home is connected to His Face, though I haven’t always followed the directions I do know the way Home and Jesus blood makes all my senses come back to life so I can see it, yes, His Face.