I will let you in on a secret, shhhhhhh…(don’t tell a Pharisee or a Sadducee they will lose their mind, well that might be good), Play and Rejoice and laugh in Hebrew are the same word – SACHAQ Strongs H7832.

When David, danced before the Lord bringing the Arc..SACHAQ, Psalms 104:26 when the Leviathan is playing, – SACHAQ, or in Proverbs 8:30 when Wisdom is playing as God is making the world – SACHAQ.

When kids play they are rejoicing in the gifts of their fathers. It’s been there all the time God showed me this morning, Playing a musical instrument, when you quit strumming and start to play the song, when an actor quits reading a line and plays the part, that’s rejoicing in the Father’s gifting and sensing His Pleasure like Eric Little in Chariots of Fire.

When my work becomes play it’s rejoicing – Play in the Lord Always and Again I say Play…. Come out and play and you will draw many who also really want to rejoice, but they though it was just having fun; God is there and can you imagine His joy when he sees His kids play well together…just sayin.