by Charles Partos with 51 State Autos

Tough battles have occurred in the pickup truck market in the past, and still continue to arise in the present and the future. The competition particularly struck between the existing American pickup trucks and the new upcoming pickups, which come with even newer features than the previous trucks. In fact, the newest pickup trucks are being released in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and surprisingly the majority of them will have diesel engines.


Throughout the years, most of the pickups that have been sold, especially in the United States, have been one kind; either a full-size gasoline V8 engine or a diesel V8 for most commercially used pickups. With that being said, today’s pickup truck models are only getting hotter, with the introduction of even newer features and more advanced forms of technology. One of the more recent appreciated models, which has a body coated in full aluminum, is the Ford F-150 truck.


Technology being used in the pickup trucks in the market today


Revolutionary material that is legendary durable


The latest model of the Ford F-150 has been completely made out of materials which are much lighter, more powerful and stronger. As well as this, they have the capability of delivering the expected. These pickups trucks in particular are built on a specific principle that fits the expectations of today’s experienced challenges of efficiency, performance, and dependability into the near future. This technology is very important, since it has helped the involved company to become the top-selling overall worldwide.


Safety in the Ford-150 pickup


The present pickup trucks are highly equipped with many safety features. In particular, the 2016 Ford F-150 has a frame that is made of steel, ensuring that it is of high strength. As well as that, the recent trucks too have restraint systems with a dual-stage airbag and a curve control, which help to maintain the control during swift navigation. The safety belt pre-tensioners at the anchor of the belt, which are used to tighten the lap, are also another very crucial safety technology in the present truck pickups.


Reduced weight with high strength


The latest models of pickups are known to be made of a series of high-strength grade aluminum, which is known to be used in different industries such as energy, transportation, and aerospace. These pickups also have a high-strength steel frame known to consist of eight cross members. The main objective of this technology made of both aluminum and steel is to both reduce the weight of the vehicle by the use of the aluminum, while increasing its strength by it’s use of steel.


Technology in the future pickup trucks in the market


Zero carbon emission


As proven by research, the future pickup trucks are believed to leave no carbon footprints while being driven, as well as during the whole manufacturing process. This is a very important aspect of the vehicle that needs to be appreciated, because it prevents any of the negative effects which are caused by these emissions to the planet earth.


Safer and less prone to crashes


The future pickup trucks will achieve a safer drive with a less chance of crashing in the sense that there will be better car body, as well as a better frame structure. But most importantly the trucks will have evasion technology by which previous pickups never had. Any potential crashes in a truck as such will be prevented, or even be eliminated completely, due to the fact that the driving activities will be coordinated and automated.


Highly customized


With technology getting more and more advanced by the day, consumers of the future will have the chance to be able to go online to design the exact type of pickup truck that they would like to purchase, using the provided software by the manufacturer. Surprisingly, they can then pick the customized autos on that very day.


Finally, future pickups will be able to be fully merged with motorcycles to form fully enclosed three-wheelers, which will eventually be normalized.



In the present pickup truck industry, Japanese automakers have remained to be the market leaders most because of the quality of truck pickups they are producing. Japan produces full-size trucks to the market that are a good model and very compelling to anyone in the market. These Japanese automakers are closely followed by the Nissan industry which is of recent hoping to come up with a totally redesigned version of the Titan pickups. They want to come up with Titan XD which has Cummins turbo-diesel V8 which gives very high capabilities.


In addition to that both Ford and Dodge are also ahead of the market for pickups trucks. In fact, both car manufacturers are yet to announce an environmentally friendly engine, for example, the electric or hybrid engine in the forthcoming models. It will be a high-performance version of the F-150, which will be called the Raptor. It will have features such as a lightweight aluminum body which normally saves 500 pounds, wider fenders which will improve its ground clearance and probably even be given a new and improved look.


Moreover, there are high chances of the American pickup truck manufacturer to come up with a self-driven truck which will be similar to what the Tesla industry has done with its Model S car. There is none other than really high, positive expectations existing in this industry of trucks.