by Bill Mixon our Christian Insurance Guy

If you have the right insurance agent and the right insurance company you can often find that you have more than you bargained for.

If you purchased the correct amount of auto liability protection you should find that you not only have liability insurance to pay all that the judge and jury say you owe but you also have coverage to pay for the court costs and legal fees, which can be very substantial themselves- even more money than you bargained for.

An unfortunate number of people drive around with less than $50,000 of vehicle bodily injury protection on their auto polices. Ask a friend who works in the hospital how quickly $ 50,000 can be used up. Many people never think about what would happen if they are sued and owe far more than the small amount of protection they were sold.   Many 1 800 companies are more than happy to sell you the small amount of protection because that is where they make most of their profit.  They often will not inform you how little more it costs to purchase three or five  times more protection. If you are sued for more than the amount of insurance your purchased then you can find you owe far more than you bargained for.

If a person only has a small amount of auto liability insurance it is not uncommon for an insurance company to write a small check and leave the client sitting in the court room without an attorney.  This means the client has to go hire their own attorney and often pay the attorney up front.  Often the new attorney will require the client to pay a very large amount up front.   This can often be far more expensive than they bargained for.   A person in a lawsuit can discover that finding money to hire the attorney can be far more difficult than they bargained for.

If that same client had just taken the time to sit with a personal insurance agent and then taken that insurance agent’s suggestion and purchased an adequate amount of coverage then it is much less likely the insurance company will cut a check and leave the court room early.  Increased liability coverage is often only slightly more expensive than the state insurance minimum amount of protection.

Nationwide Insurance heavily discounts the cost for the higher liability limits to help encourage clients to be properly protected. We at Forsyth Insurance Services would appreciate a chance to show you how affordable higher, more effective, amounts of insurance can be.

Bill Mixon with