By Our Christian Insurance Agent Bill Mixon

Man Helps Injured Woman with her Neck Brace1.   Not seeing a doctor if your back or head hurts, that day or the next


2.   Signing anything without discussing it with your personal agent.

Not having a personal insurance agent

Not calling your agent for advice


houston-car-accident-9.9-690x3883.   To Call The Police or Not To Call The Police

If it is the other persons fault- not calling the police

If it is your fault and it is a minor situation- calling the police

If it was your fault, mentioning a minor injury to the police


money4.   Offering to pay the other person out of your pocket


5.   Not carrying adequate amount of liability insurance


umbrella6.   Not considering an umbrella liability policy


7.   Not keeping notes of what happened in an accident

Get all the pertinent information after an accident

fender-bender1Plan what to say, and read when reporting claim

Keep notes of who you talked to and what was said

Get the e-mail address, and phone # of the claims person


8.    Mentioning getting a lawyer or filing a claim with the insurance commissioner to the claims adjuster. I am not saying don’t, just don’t threaten to.


LawOffice9.   Calling a lawyer before you have tried to handle the situation yourself or talking to your agent


10.  If you are hurt and it is the other person’s fault, forgetting to talk to your agent about your policy- you may have medical payments coverage on your policy that would apply