Our Brother, Vinnie went to be with the Lord yesterday,and as is our practice today we honor him. Vinnie a long time friend of mine was involved in even the first Christian Car Guy show behind the scenes as one of my closest brothers in CBMC (Christian Businessman’s Committee) Mocksville, NC, they were all praying.

The first time you heard his voice was when he did my mother’s day introduction in 2014, then in 2016 he became the voice of Guido Gasket in Christian Car Guy Theater.

Vinny was also one of the hosts of Masculine Journey Radio. So today we have some awesome sound bytes of Vinny to share along with some of his amazing wisdom.

Like the Pigeon scene in the intro from “On The Water Front” with Marlon Brando, (one of Vinnie’s favorite movies), Vinnie was an amazingly faithful friend and brother in the Lord.

One time in one of our many arguments I asked Vinnie, “Who is the closest to God of anyone you know?” I was expecting him to say, Jerry Webb, his Pastor at the time of Hillsdale Methodist Church, this was a heated theology debate we were having and I was hoping for Vinnie to see his Pastor would agree with me.

I have never forgotten Vinnie’s answer, and I believe in Vinnie’s life it was true, He said, “ME!” GREAT ANSWER, and today we honor Vinnie’s life lived out for God, Vinnie’s way, from the heart I can assure you.