6 Cars Needed…Please Pray for these Ladies

RALEIGH***Car Overheated: Hello, I’m a single mother of one. Recently my head gasket went bad on my car. I work for the local newspaper as a news paper carrier. My car is my lively hood. My mother doesn’t drive and I was her way to her job at a near by hotel. I have been struggling to keep it together in front of my son. Friends whom ive helped countless times has turned there back on me. Mechanics have told me I need a new motor. Any type of help would be greatly appreciated. I have been paying neighbors and my co workers to use there car, I have had to pawn everything these past few weeks. Last year this time my 5 yr old and i was homeless. Thankful to say I’m maintaining our home. Ive prayed over and over and I’m blessed. I understand we go thru situations to learn and grow from them.

Winston Salem****Hit A Curb: …I am a single mother doing her best to get back on her feet. My car needs repair and due to not being able to get it repaired I have lost both jobs that I have been working on. My child is very active in school and most importantly I need my car to obtain employment.

Raleigh ***I lost my job Nov ember 22, then December 9 my engine went out on my truck. I need reliable transportation to get a job. My funds are exhausted..

Winston Salem ***Blown Head Gasket: I need ether repairs made to my Nissan 2001 quest or a new vehicle in general. I’m a single mom of 5 beautiful children.

Richmond**** Car starts to cut off when car comes to complete stops the day after I delivered my daughter at 27 weeks and she is in icu so I gotta be able to get back and forth to see her for the next month or so at the hospital.

Georgia****: Need a vehicle to get back and forth to work

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