Thank you for joining us in prayer for these many needs this week: Still have many left over from previous weeks, but these have just come in and certainly a lot to pray for…. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYER SUPPORT

I have a 2004 dodge durango. This car i use for absolutely everything for me and my 5 kids. I recently had to take down my hours at work to 1 day. My brakes are so gone when i press down my food is completley down to the ground. I even have to put my car in neutral to help me stop. I did try to fix my own issue and not take initiative in my own issues. So with my bill money i purchased my rear rotors and pads, went to go get them fixed the mechanics werent about to let me go. And they told me all 4 callipers needed to be replaced because they are leaking, he told me he neverseen anything like iteven after being a mechanic of 25 years. My friend sent me this link and im sending this message on a huge prayer. Thanks for listening
Have been struggling with making ends meet. Never can get enough money to fix car prooblems.
My husband is a veteran who has been turned down from several jobs because of not having his own vehicle. We also have two small children ages 1 and 2. Our 2 year old is disabled. She has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. It is extremely difficult taking public transportation with both children. I am literally pushing a stroller and a wheelchair, at the same time, side by side which is taking a toll on me physically. A bus driver who has seen my family struggling offered to donate their old car to us. This would be a huge blessing and the answer to our prayers if the car could be fixed.
I’m a single parent I was laid off and my car won’t start I’m trying to get my youngest son will n school and I have 4 kids im looking for work because my light bill is 495 I’m afraid its going to be disconnected
Car is not starting. Desperately need for appointments or even get 2 a store
I have a down syndrome son almost two I had to stop work to stay home care for him. He has lots of visits and I can’t afford to get car worked on.
Single mom 5 kids just started a new job where I only get paid once a month. My brakes are scrubbing and sticking
After leaving Florida after hurricane Irma, my car took the long road trip here to Virginia to come live with family temporarily. It started overheating one day on my way to an interview in October and I haven’t had it on the road since. I’m a mom of 3 toddlers and Dad got laid off and has been looking for work and our family faced a serious financial crisis having only one income. I am a former teacher and have recently been hired with Petersburg City Public Schools. I have a sister who has allowed me to borrow her car temporarily to get back and forth but that can only last so long. I haven’t been able to quite get ahead because we had fallen so far behind with our bills and catching up has been very rough. I had a mechanic come and look at it and quoted around $300 but I couldn’t afford it.
I’m in disability and once my bills and kids taken care of I don’t have nothing left to get my car fix to be able to take my kids back and forth to Dr appt..etc won’t pass inspection unless fix
I have a 2001 dodge grand caravan and it has started giving me trouble! I really don’t know what’s going on with my car other then the battery keep dying! I’m a single mom of three daughters and because my van broke down I lost my job
Retired, no money
I am a single mom and I lost my job due to me having the flu.I need help with oil change and a tune up.
My only vehicle needs a rear main oil seal transmission gasket and breaks and rotors iam a newly single mom out of a abusive relationship just came from Tennessee trying to keep a vehicle to get my kids to where they need to be and to find me a job to support them
Help with car repair so I don’t lose my job I have a 2 year old and I’m pregnant my baby is due in June I have no other help or support from my child’s father I do everything myself.
I’m a widow, a single mom of 3.
My husband was killed in a hit and run accident. Things have been going down hill every since.
Car repair
In need of car repair and I’m a single mother of three already working two jobs with no assistance and no child support. Just had rear brakes done putting me behind already in rent so looking to get some assistance if possible.