Many needs have come in as God has blessed us to be listed on a number resource sights.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS…

Homeless Mom living in an Old Chevy Van with her disabled son,  the van needs an Engine.\

Single Mom, car runs very badly don’t know what’s wrong.

Single mom’s car won’t start and radiator leaking

Homeless, jobless lady who struggles with depression lost her mom this year, needs a car

Single mom needs her heater blower motor repaired

Family in Crisis needs a speed sensor so the transmission will shift

Single Mom needs $400 to pay old traffic tickets before we can help her with her Car

Single mom needs a wheel bearing

Single Mom needs a transmission.

Two Different single moms need brake boosters and one a new master cylinder the other a catalytic Converter.

A Family in Crisis needs oil leaks repaired and check engine lights.


Thank you and blessings, Robby