Before we get to the new needs we want to praise God for the amazing work he did this week with so many who donated cars, Labor, Like Bill’s Auto Clinic, and Haley Imports Tows like Ray’s Body shop and Wrecker and several hundred dollars to help our mom we highlighted last week with her son…so we have his picture below… Thank you Lord for all you have done in so many ways with so many things.

Here are the new prayer needs this week… THANK YOU for your prayers

In need of car repair and I’m a single mother of three already working two jobs with no assistance and no child support. Just had rear brakes done putting me behind already in rent so looking to get some assistance if possible.
One tire replacement, oil pan gasket
I need tires on my car so I can find a job and I want be homeless. I put air in them every day.
My car radiator is leaking fluid. I need my car to make my living. I drive for Uber for my sole income. I have osteo-arthritis and cannot do physical work any longer.
Need help with repairs on my car so I can get to work
Car repair (wheel), tune up
Car repair