Don Adams played both Inspector Gadget and Maxwell Smart, and those characters were something I could relate to, bumbling and fumbling with seemingly no sense of what was really going on to miraculous success and fame. That’s Hope I tell you, both characters always came out great, though they were clearly bumbling stumblers. What was their secret how did they get the job done? I believe these are critical questions as I think I am clearly almost always right with them, not really all that should be required, let’s just take a used car inspection for a minute.

Am I really a mechanic, NO. Am I an expert in body work, or car upholstery, NO. Then how do I apply the Inspector Gadget Strategy to succeed in a used car inspection since I will be bumbling and stumbling for sure?

The first thing you can’t help but notice about both Maxwell Smart and Inspector Gadget, is they have faith, they believe, (though no one else does), that they can do it. So one huge thing they always do is try and try with faith that it will happen. They seemingly are never discouraged. So the first thing to apply in your Inspector Gadget to Get Smart Used Car Inspection is to try.

The next thing is where the real power is, both Characters are pursued by a capable team. Inspector Gadget has his trusty dog, Brain and his niece, Penny and the ever present Chief, as does Maxwell Smart have agent 99, Hymie, and this ever present Chief. So do you, I promise and they are in hot pursuit all the time, accessing that power makes all the difference.

You never ever see, the Inspector or Maxwell going it alone, more on that in a minute, but let’s just take a short tire kicking session shall we. As you approach the car to inspect, ask, God help me to see, help me to smell, and touch, Lord give me wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge.

Every car has a smell, what are you smelling, touch the paint especially under the edges, what do you feel, if it’s rough like over spray, ask about the cars history. What do you see? Was the car cared for is it kinda clean or detailed? What do the tires look like, they are a report car on the suspension, look at the tailpipe, Oil, Transmission fluid, Coolant, belts. Your eyes are the lamp of your body and Jesus can light them up if you ask.

Start it up, now lets use those ears and listen, he who has ears to hear let him hear, what doesn’t sound normal to you? Yes, You? God will give you ears to hear things perhaps even better than someone who knows cars but isn’t tuned to the moment in faith.

Now back to the hot pursuit. A good friend of mine and I had breakfast a couple weeks ago and he shared a dream with me, in that dream he described an incredible caring being, he could sense how much he cared for him, he said more than he had ever experienced. This being he identified as the Holy Spirit as He was counseling him, but more than that The Holy Spirit was comforting him. Sharing that story with another friend, who called my attention to one of the last lines in the 23rd Psalm, “Surely Goodness and Mercy will follow me all the days of my life” he told me that the word “follow” in the original Hebrew was a lot more like pursue. Goodness and Mercy would pursue us all the days of our lives. Just like, Penny, Brian, the Chief, Agent 99 and Hymie.

How many things in my life do I need to walk into believing that with the help of Goodness and Mercy, so much of the success has to do with just trying to begin with. Oh yes you can take the car to a dealer and have them check it out before you buy it, but I would first ask The Holy Spirit, Jesus and The Father. No doubt we all need to GET SMART.