Vacation Gas Saving TipsSummers Here, Don’t let the price of gas

cause your family to have a staycation.

  1. Pray! God will help  make the trip both meaningful and affordable.

  2. Drive at night if possible (less stop and go, less traffic, less pit stops, cooler running

  3. Plan route to miss cities at rush hours..saves gas and nerves…

  4. Check a couple differnt GPS routes, Map Quest and Google maps for the best route, less traffic.

  5. Car Pool, two families, twice the fun.


  6. New Phone Apps like Gas Buddy help you sharpen your gas saving skills

  7. Car top Carriers cost as much as 5% extra fuel

  8. Every 100lbs costs another 1%, (Buy drinks etc… when you get there)

  9. Slow down, try running around 2,000 rpm or 60mph or under

  10. Pick a closer location

  11. Don’t click, click, click the gas pump, (over filling wastes gas and hurts your Evap system) The filler neck is vented

  12. Check Your tire pressure!!! adjust close to the max recommended.

  13. Choose t highway with the least stop and go traffic
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