Many people do not give a lot of thought to the legal liability that comes with their recreational vehicles. Many people think their home insurance covers their boats and trailers.  
People often think a moped or motorcycle can not do much damage so having it insured properly is not that important to them but there are many very serious accidents caused by vehicles trying to avoid a downed motorcycle or rider. A few days in the hospital can be extremely expensive. A permanent injury or death can be financially crippling.  If your downed motorcycle was the reason people swerved and wrecked you were the cause of the accident and are ultimately responsibility.  Note that it is the owner of the vehicle who is responsible in addition to the operator.
If you have to put a licence plate on the vehicle people know they have to have vehicle liability insurance.  Trailers liability is covered by the vehicle that is pulling it, that is if the trailer comes loose and causes an accident. It used to be that mopeds did not have to be licensed in North Carolina but now they are supposed to be. Motor vehicles, all ‘motorized land conveyances’ are excluded under your home insurance unless they are used for upkeep of your property, read lawn mower.  Mopeds are not covered by your home insurance policy and must be added to a vehicle policy to provide any liability protection or physical damage coverage. All ATVS are the same, if your child runs over someone or if you allow a non family member to ride your ATV and they hurt themselves or others you could be liable and not have liability protection. Most of what you have worked for and half of what you could earn in the future could be at financial risk.
You may have $1000s worth of coverage against damaged caused by theft or fire, while on your property, to watercraft including its trailer and boat related stuff.  But you must have proof you have told your insurance company about the watercraft and or trailer.
In some cases a very small boat is covered by a home owners policy, if it is under 25 feet in length.  Liability protection for boats 25 feet or longer and boats with more than 25 horsepower are probably not covered by your home insurance policy. To be covered you must have proof you have discussed the ownership of your boat with your insurer. 
It is an extremely good idea to have a sit down meeting with you insurance agent every few years.  It can also be very beneficial to have one agent who protects all your concerns.  A 1 800 number agent is not worried about your liability problems except for the one policy they sold you and even then they often will not tell you that for just a few dollars more you could have10 times more protection.
It would be my pleasure to review your insurance program whether we insure you or not.