The more I thought about it the more it hurt my brain. The word pitch is so many places, Pitch Fork – Pitch a tent – Tar Pitch – Pitch a Fit – Sale Pitch – Pitch Pipe – Propeller Pitch – Roof Pitch – Pitch Dark – Pitch a Baseball or Golf Ball, hurt yet? Keep thinking it will, I have been thinking about this all week and have finally come to the conclusion, (a beautiful one if you can see it), the word Pitch is a SHMILY, yes a God SHMILY. I’ll explain.

Tuesday morning in my daily prayer I asked for my word of the day and felt Jesus tell me, harbor. That I immediately, (as almost always I do), I began to doubt, “did God give me that word, or did I just make it up in my head?”. My faith has taught me to go with it regardless and by ‘go with it’, that means for me to study the word with God- Biblically. Although this word appeared to be out of left field and nothing to do with what I was currently studying or experiencing.

To add to my doubt the word – harbor, isn’t even in the KJV but I found it in the NKJV in Isaiah 23:1 as bayith in Hebrew. Essentially meaning house. So where is the first place you find bayith strongs H1004 in the Bible? Now it started to get good. Genesis 6:14 “Make yourself an ark of gopherwood; make rooms in the ark, and cover it inside and outside with pitch.”

The word, there translated “within” is bayith, harbor. Having a tiny bit of Hebrew understanding I know that the letter bet, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet is a huge deal, it looks like a house starts the Torah. Here is a small taste of what the Jews teach on this from
“The meaning of beis is bayith, which is Hebrew for “home.” Why did G‑d create the world? The Midrash11 tells us that G‑d desired a home. How does one define a home? A home is the place to which you return after finishing with your worldly affairs. You remove your shoes, change to comfortable clothes, and relax. You don’t have to put on a show or “sell” yourself to anyone. It’s a place where the real you comes alive. G‑d also wanted a place where He could be Himself and unite with His bride, the Jewish people. That was the objective of Creation. That is the beis of bayith, the first letter of the Torah, theblueprint of Crea­tion. “

Now that sounds like a harbor doesn’t it, and this gets beyond beautiful here in Genesis 6:14 as when God tells Noah to Pitch it, inside and out. Inside being where Noah and family will find that harbor. The beyond amazing thing is; the word Pitch in Hebrew is “kaphar” the same word as ransom or atonement cover, my friend Charley pointed out; the the day of atonement is Yom Kippur.

I think you may be tracking with me now on what is the perfect pitch? Its Jesus blood, it not only covers us outside, it’s inside and makes that harbor for you and God. No accusers, no condemnation with That blood covering the inside of your heart. A really cool meditation is; our Communion the bread and the wine, its pitching us on the inside.

Here comes the SHMILY – God set a bow in the sky to cover us and remind us that he would never again flood the earth wiping out all mankind. SHMILY is “See How Much I Love You”. SHMILY: a few years ago I read of an older couple married over 60 years and they would leave SHMILYs all over the house as sort of a love game, reminding each other of there love, they would spell it out in the sugar dish, on top of the butter, even on the toilet paper.

I believe God has done that for we, who speak English with the word PITCH, look over your head most anytime, your roof is pitched, God has you covered, rain will not pool when there is a pitched roof, that’s why you pitch a tent, even in the pitch dark God has you covered…yep a SHIMLY.. The Hills are alive with the PITCH of Music a SHIMLY. The road you drive on is covered with what? SHIMLY – at your baseball game, playing golf, pitching hay with a pitch fork, SHMILY – they are all harbors, God’s with YOU! A home He has you covered…. Feel free to look around you and find them, SHMILY it is truly written everywhere. ENJOY that harbor with God no waves crashing in on you just deep calling to deep, rich and amazing love.