Sun cars(1)If you are planning on keeping your car, like me, than your car’s finish is being attacked, right now as you are readying this by the heat of summer.  God made our skin to expand and contract with heat and cold; so have you ever given thought to what that means to the paint of your car.  As your hood is setting there baking in the sun the metal expands a great deal more than the rocker panels so no wonder that’s were you most often find the de-lamination or the fading.  Now let’s imagine that it’s a hot, hot summer day and your hood has expanded the pores of the paint are wide open and here comes that seagull, bulls-eye right on your hood. Then you’re too busy to clean it off that night and as the evening cools the paint and the acid from the seagull residue begins it’s work. Need I say more. With all that in mind here are some ideas on how to protect your finish and the life of your favorite car ever.

  • Keep Your Car Clean. Simple enough, that if you keep the bird droppings, acid rain, tar etc off your finish they won’t get imbedded in the paint.
  • At least every couple months wax your car. Wax simply melts when it gets hot filling the pores of your paint and keeping the acid from seagulls, rain etc out of the the paint. Pretty slick huh… A good Turtle wax or Meguiar’s is all you need really and the exercise  putting it on don’t hurt right, “wax on, wax off”. Speaking of wax off, be very careful not to get wax on anything but the paint or you will spend much time getting wax off rubber windows strips etc…
  • Find some safe shade if you have to park out side in the sun. By safe I mean some trees drop sap and hold a lot of birds. So pick your tree with caution and any over hang or  building may block the sun during certain times of the day. I began to pray about this very strategy and now I park about a 1/4 mile away from where I work but Old Red loves it and I get the extra exercise in the morning I jog it.
  • Touch up your scratches. We did a video on this one it’s a sure way to let all sort of oxidation and other harmful stuff under your skin so to speak. We haven’t developed self healing paint yet so it does require some effort to keep this done but as your wax and care for your car you will see what needs to be done..

I’m sure you see that all this sounds like work but we were made for it, great exercise and I promise the more you care for your car the more it will be your favorite perhaps like me you will enjoy years and years and years with it…