Did you ever wonder why you “LODGE” a complaint, I was beyond fascinated by the Hebrew word for complain or murmer – “luwn” is in fact to lodge Strongs H3885. There is a deep philosophical reason, (I will let you enjoy the discovery of that on your own), BUT there is also a very practical aspect to it.

Have you ever been in that place where you just can’t let it go, “How could they say that?” or “Why can’t they just eat one time with out complaining about something.” My mind just goes there and I can let it go, I call it running scripts, all the things I would love to tell them…Yep, I have just checked into the Murmur’s Motel and like the Hotel California, “Plenty of Room at The Hotel California, and You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave”> EXCEPT – Jesus, there is a way out.

The Jews in the desert no water no food, ask Dathan in Numbers 16, remember the earth swallowed him up, he had checked into the Murmur’s Hotel and he can surely never leave.

There is another place to lodge and Boaz told his future wife that she had taken up residence there.

“The LORD recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the LORD God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust. “

Ruth Chapter 2 verse 12

That word translated trust there is also a place to lodge. The word “Chacah” in Hebrew Strongs H2620 is very much a resting place only this one is so much more enjoyable. Trusting God, resting under His wings, you don’t see the word but three times before David comes into the picture. So I am guessing since, Ruth and Boaz where his grandparents he had read their book. He uses that word twice in 2 Samuel 22 and then again 27 more times in the book of Psalms and often he trusted under God’s Wings as in Psalms 91…

If you will allow me my translation of the Hebrew letters in the word, “Chacah” חםה – The first letter is very much the Tabernacle a place where David and we meet with God , the second is our wedding ring our healing and infinite solution and the last letter is expressing those first two concepts into action, literally Tenting out with our Husband, Jesus as all marriages it has everything to do with TRUST.

Legally Jesus has every right to check you out of the Hotel California next time you find yourself there, The Tabernacle Lodge is an infinite Star Resort, just sayin……