White Knuckle Snow Driving (1)

Last Sunday my wife had dropped our 16 year old daughter for Church Choir practice at 4 o’clock it was Valentines day and they were calling for snow supposedly about 9pm but just to be safe she didn’t want her driving. By 6pm when it was time to go get her it was snowing a little so again to be safe I told Tammy I would go with her and drive since we no longer have a front wheel drive vehicle that goes very well in the snow and took Tammy’s Lincoln Blackwood Truck we had just inherited ‘this would be a ten minute trip on a normal Sunday evening but this was no normal Sunday evening.’

The closer we got to the church the harder it was snowing and by the time we pulled out of the church I could tell we were in real trouble as the rear wheel drive truck slid almost around when we turned out of the Church. The HUGE complicating factor was that this was Valentines night and all of Winston Salem was out for a Valentines Dinner, it would seem, so the traffic was horrible and many who were  as surprised as we were that they were even out in this weather. A couple miles down the road we needed to turn right were they had just built one of those new Walmart grocery stores. The little right turn was no big deal and there was a little slanted hill around the corner, but when a car came out of the Walmart parking lot very slowly then it couldn’t make the tiny hill and was sliding over to the curb and back and everyone stopped, yes right on the tiny slanted hill. I knew we were in real trouble in this truck.

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There was no way this truck was going to go up that hill so here was the moment of decision:

  1. Should we try to slip into the Walmart Parking lot and try to find a flat route home?
  2.  Or Should we slip over to the parking lot and call for a friend with a better vehicle to come get us? (probably should have done that but didn’t think of it)
  3. Abandon Ship pull over and call a wrecker.

On today’s show we want to explore these possibilities. One thing I have learned is I am much better off if I know ahead of time what the best thing to do in this kind of emergency. That’s why the military has all kinds of drills for such emergencies. What is your contingency plan. What’s the flattest route home or what Wrecker do I call. What friend would likely come get us?

So here is the drill for all of us today that is  to develop in our minds and for our families… Who Ya Gonna Call? Let’s face it four thousand people needed a wrecker Sunday night we would have been hours waiting, so who would we know that has a four wheel drive that would come get us. That would have been a great contingency plan and much safer than what we did which was spend an hour taking very crowded routes the flattest way home I could think of. Yes, I made it, and we all prayed while we were driving, but would I have wanted my daughter or my wife to have done that?

Then I should also say that if you need to call a wrecker what are the things you need to be prepared with the dos and don’ts?

  1. Do know a reliable good safe wrecker service for all your family to call in an emergency or accident.. In this area you could not do better than Ray’s Body Shop and Wrecker Service
  2. Do move your car to the safest possible place if you can
  3. Turn on Hazard Lights set out reflectors everything you shirt in the window something to let people know your are stuck.
  4. Don’t leave with the Keys make some kind of arrangements
  5. Don’t leave the car abandoned with out some sort of note or something that tells emergency services who is coming to pick it up etc…
  6. Think about what you want to leave or not leave in your car valuables etc..