June 2, 2017 Mooresville, NC

Our Dream  Auto Museum & Restorations is taking on a project like none ever attempted, says, Dan Arnold of Our Dream Restorations. The project: to take a Legenday 73 ‘Cuda’ and merge it with the complete drive train from a 2003 Dodge Viper including the rear end. Can you imagine a 8.3 L (506.5 cu in) Viper V10 500 hp plus 500 ft lbs of torque coupled with a T56 Tremec 6-speed manual  and the limited slip Viper Rear Axle. IT”S MOPAR MADNESS AT IT”S BEST…

You should even be able to stop as they even have the viper Brakes : Front Size & Type 13.0 x 1.26 (330.5 x 32) vented disc, w/four-piston fixed caliper Swept Area 304.7 sq. in. (1966 sq. cm.) Rear Size & Type 13.0 x 0.87 (330.5 x 22) vented discw/single piston sliding caliper Swept Area 244.4 sq. in. (1576 sq. cm.)Power Assist Type Tandem diaphragm vacuum w/zero lost travel

Here are some pics of the progress. We will keep you up to date here at the Christian Car Guy web site with their progress!!