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Christian Car Guy Theater Cast and Crew

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  • Car Reality

    Car Reality

    God showed me a simple but profound truth this week; the root word of reality has to do with a relationship to a thing, Latin, “realis” From the Classical rēs (“thing”) +‎ -ālis (suffix forming adjectives of relationship). At first glance I said, “so what?” Then as God often does […]

  • Three 5’s That Attack The Details In Detailing

    Three 5’s That Attack The Details In Detailing

    Details, Details, Details… They say the devil is in the details and getting him out takes some strong stuff, here are three 5’s that have helped me this week. The First 5 Wheel Cleaner More Shine Tire Dressing More Shine Less Time Trim Cleaner/ with Gust Speed Bead Invisible Glass […]

  • Shepherding Your Car

    Shepherding Your Car

    Kingdom living is amazingly demonstrated in the 23rd Psalm, here you see and feel what it’s like to be guided, cared for and nurtured perfectly. Since we are being initiated to be good kings and shepherds ourselves how can we apply these principles to our loved ones, our jobs, and, […]

  • 1973 ‘Cuda’ with Venom

    1973 ‘Cuda’ with Venom

    June 2, 2017 Mooresville, NC Our Dream  Auto Museum & Restorations is taking on a project like none ever attempted, says, Dan Arnold of Our Dream Restorations. The project: to take a Legenday 73 ‘Cuda’ and merge it with the complete drive train from a 2003 Dodge Viper including the […]


Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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