by Melisa Marzett

Every Christian should know about the 4 most important things he should do during his life. These are the most important actions, because they lead to the development of soul and mind.

  1. Assess the nature of your relationship with God over the life. Exit the doors of your heart’s house and take a closer look: Christ stands outside and knocks, or does He dine with you as a Friend? Think about what place in your life was occupied by God? How often did you attend church services and how often did you need God to just thank Him for everything, and not turn to Him at the moment of despair? The relationship between God and man is basically similar to any purely human relationships – friends, relatives, or lovers of one another. If you do not give them the proper attention and let things go on their own, if you are closed in yourself, cold and indifferent, then be prepared for what you lose, because in any relationship you do not stand still – you either go forward or backwards. Sin is always a burden and suffering. This is the source of internal disorganizations and lack of boldness in front of God. Sin is always a wall between you and the Creator, which deprives you of the greatest gift of prayer. Do you want to enter the new life with a load of past mistakes? Do you choose reconciliation with God, or are you ready to make one sin against another, at the risk of eventually becoming burned in your conscience? Free yourself. If you lead a spiritual life and try to reconcile with God as much as possible in the sacrament of Confession – quietly thank the Lord for His benefits and ask Him for help and support with the words of the Lord’s Prayer: and do not lead us into temptation.
  2. Ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself. “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors,” for the second time we turn to ourselves with the words of the Lord’s Prayer. Let us reconcile ourselves with others. Let us liberate ourselves from the heavy burden of pride and resentment, and we will be called Christians not in letter, but in spirit, for Christianity itself, as well as the Atonement from the power of sin and death, is always freedom. If we cannot reconcile ourselves to our neighbor in circumstances beyond our control, then we will reconcile with him in our hearts, remembering that God knows all the intentions and movements of our soul.
  3. Let the past go. The life of a Christian is always a step forward, no matter what troubles and tragedies happen in life. Learn to do one of the most difficult things – trusting God and letting go of something that is not in your power. Learn Christian courage, no matter how hard you are and how you would not want to return to your destructive habits and attachments. To paraphrase the apostle James, we can say with confidence that the double-headed is a path to nowhere, because a double-minded and weak-willed man cannot bring to the mind any of the things, because of which he suffers heavily. No matter how much you fall in your life, as many as you stand up, and asking for forgiveness from God and others, go only forward. Trust in God and allow Him to do in your life what you prevent Him from doing through perseverance and self-conceit. Give up the small, and the Lord will surely give you his great. “Thy will be done, as in heaven and on earth” and may these words of the Lord’s Prayer sound to you in a new way every day.
  4. Think about the Providence of God in the outgoing year. Remember how many amazing cases of sheer Divine help there have been in your life lately. Thank for all that happened. Remember which of your prayers seem unheeded to you and treat them with reasoning. Perhaps you asked for something not useful to you, or asked with pride, or, worse, about the things of sinfulness? Things used to exist only in our perception, therefore, what seemed necessary to you six months ago, now may not have any value. Especially ask for the prayer cover of the Mother of God, Who is always praying for us about the Son and our God, directing our way of life for good and pardoning us, unworthy, with her prayers.

As you see, these actions are quite important and each respectful Christian should start acting right now!

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