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  • Onc-ology – The Study Of Horns/ Klaxon: by Melisa Marzett

    Apart from the automobile motor, battery, and other vital components of the vehicle, there are also less noticeable details, one of which is the klaxon. However, its role should not be underestimated, because, in some situations, the timely supply of an audio signal can save the driver from a collision […]

  • 4 Actions Every Christian Should Take Right Now

    by Melisa Marzett Every Christian should know about the 4 most important things he should do during his life. These are the most important actions, because they lead to the development of soul and mind. Assess the nature of your relationship with God over the life. Exit the doors of […]

  • If God Is Good, Why Is There Evil by Melisa Marzett

    Many people know the concept of good and evil. The ability to distinguish these moral categories is innate. The same intrinsic is the love of sound, the realization that life is right is a normal state of human existence. The proofs of this statement are as follows: A person will […]

  • Seeing God

    by guest author: Melisa Marzett I was curious about why we do not see God, why we cannot talk with him, why we cannot touch him to feel his presence to the fullest since early childhood. No answer made it to where I hesitated whether it is worth believing in […]