So do you think it’s any coincidence that the word translated trust in Ruth 2:12 in Hebrew has everything to do with a wedding? It starts with the letter “Chet” meaning life, and looks like a wedding Chuppah, the second letter is a “Samekh” meaning wedding ring or unity, even medicine. The Third is a “Hey” meaning all this expressed – BEHOLD, check it out…

I have written much on the bride in a Jewish wedding encircling the groom 7 times from Jeremiah 31:22

I have also written much on the Chuppah,

Now put those two together and express it and you get -TRUST- WOW!!!

Can I trust Christ? Not just with my head but my heart? It’s Big medicine ….just sayin

Just another thing to ponder – What do you think your engagement ring is, the one of your betrothal to Christ? Fun to think about.