Will Robinson’s got nothing on me…Technology is coming fast and now even Old Red’s (My 1995 Dodge Dakota with 405,000 miles) safety can be enhanced with advance warning systems. For three hundred bucks I could buy a Rydeen Mobile PVR 15W dash cam and avoid all sorts of deadly incidents.

Available on Amazon or even Walmart for $297.00

Consumer Reports shares all these are now available on New Cars.

  • Automatic emergency braking (AEB): Brakes are automatically applied to prevent a collision or reduce collision speed.
  • Forward-collision warning (FCW): Visual and/or audible warning intended alert the driver and prevent a collision.
  • Blind-spot warning (BSW): Visual and/or audible notification of vehicle in blind spot. The system may provide an additional warning if you use your turn signal when there is a car next to you in another lane.
  • Rear cross-traffic warning: Visual, audible, or haptic notification of object or vehicle out of rear camera range, but could be moving into it.
  • Rear automatic emergency braking (Rear AEB): Brakes are automatically applied to prevent backing into something behind the vehicle. This could be triggered by the rear cross-traffic system, or other sensors on the vehicle.
  • Lane-departure warning (LDW): Visual, audible, or haptic warning to alert the driver when they are crossing lane markings.
  • Lane-keeping assist (LKA): Automatic corrective steering input or braking provided by the vehicle when crossing lane markings.
  • Lane-centering assist:  Continuous active steering to stay in between lanes (active steer, autosteer, etc.)
  • Adaptive cruise control:  Adaptive cruise uses lasers, radar, cameras, or a combination of these systems to keep a constant distance between you and the car ahead, automatically maintaining a safe following distance. If highway traffic slows, some systems will bring the car to a complete stop and automatically come back to speed when traffic gets going again, allowing the driver to do little more than pay attention and steer.

But I got one better than all those, and if you know Jesus so do you. By the way the price was more than any of us could afford so Jesus paid it all.

Recently I have been listening to the Ransom Heart Podcast where on many episodes John Eldridge discusses advance words, literally asking Jesus in prayer to give you a word to help you get and stay on track with Him for the year, a word that you should journal as soon as you get it and keep asking God to help you interpret your life and adventure with him. In a real sense and in many ways advance warning is what I have experienced.

Since this year I have been really delighting in a daily prayer along Ransom Heart’s Daily prayer lines I keep adding things and the last couple of weeks I have been asking God for an advance word for the day; and there is no telling you the faith building experience I have enjoyed as Jesus has shared words of direction and advance warning for the day.

This week I was really suffering with a huge financial setback, as you might imagine my prayers were very much along these lines. Day one my word was hope so I focused on hope. Day two the word was conquer and all day long I prayed to understand but struggled and heard crickets, feeling totally lost I got up the next day spent a long time in prayer and got the same word, ‘conquer’…(Don’t you just love that Jesus doesn’t go on with the lesson until you understand the last word.) The second day I began to understand that what I was to conquer was my own fear of facing the problem head on and possibly having a conflict with a person critical to my financial situation. Although I was afraid of the truth in this situation, Jesus knew I needed to know the truth and the only way to get it was to wade into it.

I did conquer my fear and that person could not have been more kind, as it turned out they did not even know of the problem and the truth of what had happened they did not know either, but they sought it out and it was devastating. Devastating, yes, but I did not know what I was up against and had I not conquered my fear and met this disaster head on I hate to think what was next…

Some of my advance words have been gloriously joyful things, things I have been able to enjoy with my wife, kids and grand kids. The point is: Jesus has so much LIFE to share if we will only ask.