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Christian Car Guy Theater Cast and Crew

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  • Mutual Admiration Society

    Mutual Admiration Society

    Back in the day as a New Car sales manager  I would put on a sales meeting every morning, always hungry for ideas for this task GMC Truck produced these video disks, (I told you it was back in the day) and one suggestion that took hold for me, that  […]

  • Torque vs Horse Power/The 10 Commandments Will Get You Cranked

    Torque vs Horse Power/The 10 Commandments Will Get You Cranked

    Jesus taught people in parables to give them word pictures so they could understand what He was teaching them. You can find many parables in the working of automobiles. For instance, pistons slide straight down the cylinder walls behind the force of expanding gasses and all that energy is used […]

  • How Long Do I Suffer

    How Long Do I Suffer

    “Love Suffers Long” 1Corinthians 13:4a the more I ponder this the better I like it, not to say it doesn’t hurt but it does bring life and it brings a lot of it. The more I Love ‘OLD RED’ my 1995 Dodge Dakota the longer I am willing to suffer […]

  • Advance Warning Systems

    Advance Warning Systems

    Will Robinson’s got nothing on me…Technology is coming fast and now even Old Red’s (My 1995 Dodge Dakota with 405,000 miles) safety can be enhanced with advance warning systems. For three hundred bucks I could buy a Rydeen Mobile PVR 15W dash cam and avoid all sorts of deadly incidents. […]

  • More Than You Bargained For

    More Than You Bargained For

    How cool is it that so often life/God gives us more than we bargained for. If you go to Maui in Hawaii, one of the ‘must sees’ is the, ‘Road to Hana’ and believe me from the picture above that I took last week from one of the 56 bridges, […]

  • The Most Beautiful Car “Ever” 9 (auto) Bodies To Admire

    The Most Beautiful Car “Ever” 9 (auto) Bodies To Admire

    A 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, doesn’t it just scream elegance and grace, how is it that a car could do such a thing. Cars do though, doesn’t a 1955 Nash Metro hit you with 50’s culture, drive-ins and Bobby Socks. Creativity, God created so much beauty as John Eldredge […]

  • Pray For Your Pastor Tour

    Pray For Your Pastor Tour

    Want us to send a special gift bag to your pastor??? 👀🚍📷=🎁 Spot us out on the road and post a picture of our bus using #PFYPtour for your chance to win!!

  • Beat The Heat 5 How-To’s

    Beat The Heat 5 How-To’s

    Summer Know Your Controls: Really understanding your Air conditioner controls will help you beat the heat. The Max AC or Recirculate button or lever or switch as circled below is one major key. Your car struggles to cool outside air coming into your car over 80 degrees. So when outside […]

  • 4th Of July God Moment

    4th Of July God Moment

    Who brought the “rain” that likely saved Fort McHenry that September night that caused “The bombs to burst in air” because the cannons couldn’t fire properly in the down pour. Even more strategic was the bomb that hit the magazine of gun powder in the night that didn’t explode; was […]

  • Fireworks on Demand = Bondage Not Freedom

    Fireworks on Demand = Bondage Not Freedom

    The 4th of July is all about freedom and, not coincidentally, so is Jesus;  his clashes with the Pharisees and Herod,( as both of them  demanded fireworks) is a precious lesson on how we can loose our FREEDOM. In Mark Chapter 8: Following  Jesus feeding the 4,000 and a difficult […]


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Wisdom Of The Wounded

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