10 Winter Ready Ideas

  1. Snow tires: Softer rubber helps on ice and snow not just to get through the snow but to stop and corner on ice.
  2. Flush That Radiator: protect your engine with fresh clean ph balanced coolant. Acid forms in your coolant and deteriorates your cooling system. Not to mention the protection of a cracked engine block from freezing.
  3. Battery: They work hardest and fail often in freezing weather. Also a good time to clean and check those terminals.
  4. Windshield Washer Solvent: Helps Keep your wipers from freezing not to mention getting the road salt off your windshield.
  5. Wiper Blades: I can see clearly now means the world in rough weather. Know the difference between summer and winter wiper blades.
  6. Emergency Blanket: As the folks in Atlanta a couple of years ago got stranded so could you.
  7. Emergency Candle: Great help when in a dark cold car, don’t forget the matches….
  8. Sleigh Bells: Come on have some fun in the snow, sing in your car…Jingle Bells
  9. Decorate: Yes enjoy the season celebrate the Birth of our Savoir and the opportunity to share your hope.
  10. Ice Scraper/Snow Brush… (see Below for discussion)

So What is the Best Ice Scraper/ Solution to an Iced Windshield

I’m excited to tackle this question on today’s show as we have listeners all over the country especially places Seattle and Utah where they get plenty of Winter Weather. So call in with your ideas 866-348-7884

If you are like me I’ve been know to use a credit card, CD, Funnel, you name it in a pinch, but as you can see some take this project very seriously like THE ICE DOZER or THE BLIZZARATOR. Others Take the proactive approach and cover or a Solution that prevents Icing…SO WHAT SAY YOU????

There are some amazing articles out there if you want to research this your self. I had a lot of fun checking these out