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Christian Car Guy Theater Cast and Crew

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Robby Dilmore his radio name itself is an oxymoron (Christian Car Guy). Robby started working in car dealerships back in 1971, (over forty years ago), washing cars. He went from car washer to service, parts, sales and eventually worked up to Dealer Principle of a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Store in 1998, where he was when God called him to start The Christian Car Guy Radio Show in January 2006. Robby has seen first hand the good the bad and the ugly of automobile service, parts, sales and finance business, and now The Lord has provided him with a chance to help folks around the world. The Christian Car Guy Radio Show is syndicated nationally on 27 radio stations with live streaming on the internet and podcasting available on ITunes and over 30 other outlets. His 30 second helpful tips feature, Stayin on The Highway is now also syndicated. His other One hour Live show "Robby's Hobbies" signed on in 2008. His responsibilities with Truth Broadcasting also include Director of syndicated services. Robby has been interviewed for the Christian Car Guy perspective across hundreds of other radio outlets including the Fox Radio Network, Financial Life Line, The G. Gordon Liddy, and Lars Larson radio shows even a National TV appearance on Fox and Friends. The Christian Car Guy Web site provides Godly counsel with hundreds of articles on everything from gas saving tips to how to be a four stroke Christian. Robby’s articles have been quoted in blogs from the Los Angles Examiner to The Autoblog.NL Germany’s most popular Automotive Blog. Robby has been married over 25 years to his wife Tammy and has four Children, Leslie Brad, Robby III, Tess and Mariah, they are members of Calvary Baptist Church in Winston Salem For more on Robby’s testimony read: Lemon of a Car Life and How I Met God Robby Loves to Speak locally in North Carolina as well as across The Country to have Robby at your event email him @ or call Robby @ 336-909-2779 Mailing Address: Truth Broadcasting Attention: Robby Dilmore 4405 Providence Lane Suite D Winston Salem, NC 27106

  • Mutual Admiration Society

    Mutual Admiration Society

    Back in the day as a New Car sales manager  I would put on a sales meeting every morning, always hungry for ideas for this task GMC Truck produced these video disks, (I told you it was back in the day) and one suggestion that took hold for me, that  […]

  • Help Us Help Texas

    Help Us Help Texas

    When: Saturday, September 2, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM Where: Dairi-O Locations across the Triad of North Carolina Other Locations Collecting Please Email me What:  We are collecting the following items for victims of Hurricane Harvey: Bottled Water Cleaning Supplies Hygiene Products Baby Wipes Baby Formula Baby Diapers *Due […]

  • Car Show Calendar September 2017

    Car Show Calendar September 2017

    SEPTEMBER 2017                                                       by Gwen Brandon Sept Fri 1        Kings Hotdog Cruise-in – 1009 Bethania Rural Hall Rd. Rural Hall – 52N to Rural Hall exit 118 –right off the exit Right into the Village Sq. Shopping Ctr   –   oldies music by DJ Jackie White   5-8pm   336-969-4688 Fri 1        Madison Cruise-in […]

  • Torque vs Horse Power/The 10 Commandments Will Get You Cranked

    Torque vs Horse Power/The 10 Commandments Will Get You Cranked

    Jesus taught people in parables to give them word pictures so they could understand what He was teaching them. You can find many parables in the working of automobiles. For instance, pistons slide straight down the cylinder walls behind the force of expanding gasses and all that energy is used […]

  • Urgent Prayer Need Applicant #670

    Urgent Prayer Need Applicant #670

    Single Mom in North Carolina, daughter is having seizures in School the first two days. Please pray for her daughter. To complicate the struggle her older car’s state inspection ran out as did her registration in June, so she is driving in fear of being stopped. She can’t get it […]

  • How Long Do I Suffer

    How Long Do I Suffer

    “Love Suffers Long” 1Corinthians 13:4a the more I ponder this the better I like it, not to say it doesn’t hurt but it does bring life and it brings a lot of it. The more I Love ‘OLD RED’ my 1995 Dodge Dakota the longer I am willing to suffer […]

  • Christian Car Guy Theater Episode 29- JailHouse Justice Part 6

    Christian Car Guy Theater Episode 29- JailHouse Justice Part 6

  • The 2018 Ford Expedition is all about SPACE!

    The 2018 Ford Expedition is all about SPACE!

    It’s like a Swiss Army Knife……on Wheels August 14, 2017…. Six Innovations on 2018 Ford Expedition Bring Space, Comfort, Stress Relief to Labor Day Family Road Trip, Back-to-School Shuttling Engineers, designers and product planners at Ford have ensured that last summer getaway with the family and the upcoming “Back-to-School” shuttles […]

  • Advance Warning Systems

    Advance Warning Systems

    Will Robinson’s got nothing on me…Technology is coming fast and now even Old Red’s (My 1995 Dodge Dakota with 405,000 miles) safety can be enhanced with advance warning systems. For three hundred bucks I could buy a Rydeen Mobile PVR 15W dash cam and avoid all sorts of deadly incidents. […]

  • Please Join Us In Prayer For These Urgent Needs August 11, 2017

    Please Join Us In Prayer For These Urgent Needs August 11, 2017

    #1 Please Pray for Applicant #50666 Unfortunately we have no one in her area and no money currently to help her.WE have had this application since the 21st of July. Her Story: you can’t help everybody but if you can help me it would be a life saver, I’m a […]


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Wisdom Of The Wounded

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