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Christian Car Guy Theatre Cast & Crew

Christian Car Guy Theater Cast and Crew

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Robby Dilmore his radio name itself is an oxymoron (Christian Car Guy). Robby started working in car dealerships back in 1971, (over forty years ago), washing cars. He went from car washer to service, parts, sales and eventually worked up to Dealer Principle of a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Store in 1998, where he was when God called him to start The Christian Car Guy Radio Show in January 2006. Robby has seen first hand the good the bad and the ugly of automobile service, parts, sales and finance business, and now The Lord has provided him with a chance to help folks around the world. The Christian Car Guy Radio Show is syndicated nationally on 27 radio stations with live streaming on the internet and podcasting available on ITunes and over 30 other outlets. His 30 second helpful tips feature, Stayin on The Highway is now also syndicated. His other One hour Live show "Robby's Hobbies" signed on in 2008. His responsibilities with Truth Broadcasting also include Director of syndicated services. Robby has been interviewed for the Christian Car Guy perspective across hundreds of other radio outlets including the Fox Radio Network, Financial Life Line, The G. Gordon Liddy, and Lars Larson radio shows even a National TV appearance on Fox and Friends. The Christian Car Guy Web site provides Godly counsel with hundreds of articles on everything from gas saving tips to how to be a four stroke Christian. Robby’s articles have been quoted in blogs from the Los Angles Examiner to The Autoblog.NL Germany’s most popular Automotive Blog. Robby has been married over 25 years to his wife Tammy and has four Children, Leslie Brad, Robby III, Tess and Mariah, they are members of Calvary Baptist Church in Winston Salem For more on Robby’s testimony read: Lemon of a Car Life and How I Met God Robby Loves to Speak locally in North Carolina as well as across The Country to have Robby at your event email him @ or call Robby @ 336-909-2779 Mailing Address: Truth Broadcasting Attention: Robby Dilmore 4405 Providence Lane Suite D Winston Salem, NC 27106

  • Tire Report Card

    Tire Report Card

    Tire Wear is a symptom of a problem, the picture above gets to what is really going on, (Right click on it to enlarge) as your tires are really a good report card on your suspension’s health and your inflation tendencies. The Bubble is another story as that bubble is […]

  • Treating Symptoms Or The Cause

    Treating Symptoms Or The Cause

    My 18 year old daughter drove to Birmingham last weekend and sent me a text Saturday night that no dad wants to get. It was a video of here dash light indicating her car was overheating. She followed my advice and pulled over and checked her coolant and it was […]

  • Seasons Of Auto Ownership

    Seasons Of Auto Ownership

      To everything turn, turn turn. There is a season turn, turn turn as the Byrds told us in the 60’s, or perhaps better the Bible told us long before that. A bit hard for me to grasp is Habakkuk 2:3 from the stand point of “the vision tarries”, then […]

  • Car Show Calendar March and  2018

    Car Show Calendar March and 2018

    March  2018                                                        Gwen Brandon March      1 – 3     GAA Classic Car Auction2018Spring Sale– 301 Norwalk St. Greensboro – 550 classic/antique/unique vehicles to be auctioned – admission – $15 per person per day–kids under 5 free– Thurauction 6-9pm consists of classic memorabilia at no reserve & 85cars – Fri 8am-5pm  auction […]

  • Christian Car Guy Theater Episode 34 – Jailhouse Justice Part 101

    Christian Car Guy Theater Episode 34 – Jailhouse Justice Part 101

  • Faithfully Loving

    Faithfully Loving

    There was a heart grabbing line in the original movie “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen, when his son Charley is told that, “believing is seeing”. Now look up at the picture above at that lion cub, what do you think that lion cub believes about his father? The little […]

  • Teach Your Children Well @AlexMcfarland

    Teach Your Children Well @AlexMcfarland

    Save A Nation Conference Registration If you could go back and teach your young self one thing about car maintenance or operation what would that be? I would try to teach the younger Robby to nip it in the BUD, and slow down Jesus walked everywhere He went and got […]

  • Is Your Car Having An Identity Crisis

    Is Your Car Having An Identity Crisis

    On Today’s Show Call In 866-348-7884 and Allow US to Help Name Your Vehicle with The Car Name Generator and receive this customized authentic Christian Car Guy Birth Certificate for Your Vehicle Brought to you In preparation for Next Weeks Christian Car Guy Theater where you may be surprised […]

  • Urgent Single Mom and Widows Car Repair Prayer Needs

    Urgent Single Mom and Widows Car Repair Prayer Needs

    Before we get to the new needs we want to praise God for the amazing work he did this week with so many who donated cars, Labor, Like Bill’s Auto Clinic, and Haley Imports Tows like Ray’s Body shop and Wrecker and several hundred dollars to help our mom we […]

  • Eager Feet Make Super Bowl Winners

    Eager Feet Make Super Bowl Winners

    Above is the Sermon I got to share at Peace Church in Durham last week… Yes, Eager Feet from Joshua 1:6, but also Spinning into Rope/Waiting on the Lord see Below…. “Righty tighty lefty lucy” A fun twist to get you to remember which way to tighten a nut, or […]


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Wisdom Of The Wounded

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