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  • Day Trips

    I have the honor to fill in for the illustrious Robby Dilmore on the Christian Car Guy Show this morning.   I have a great time traveling around our State and up into Virginia hiking and sight seeing and would like to share with you some wonderful day trips. Joining […]

  • How Old Is Too Old When Buying A Used Car?

    by Guest Writer: Sally Perkins Used cars come with many benefits. They’re cheaper to purchase, there’s less depreciation on the value of the vehicle and car insurance is lower. In 2016, 40.6 million used vehicles were purchased by Americans, proving that the second-hand car industry is still going strong. Before buying a […]

  • Giving More Than $8.24:

    A Short Story By Josh Adkison It suddenly struck me that I was starving. I looked at the clock on my Chromebook.11:24 AM. I am a bit of a later lunch taker on a normal basis, so the fact that I even had a desire to eat that early wasn’t […]

  • The Best Teen Driving Safety Tips For 2017/2018

    by Sally Perkins (freelance contribution) 9/19/2017 Every year thousands of deaths caused by road accidents leave families destitute and without answers. Even more alarming is the number of teenage deaths, which in 2014 alone was 2,333. This equates to six deaths per day for an entire year in the US alone. […]

  • Sagacious Tips to Upkeep Your Legendary Car

    by Alice Brown Having the opportunity to own a legendary car is a great luck in this day and age. Muscle cars have become expensive. We are talking of over $100,000 for the least priced and over $3.5 million for a dream worthy legendary car at Berrett-Jackson. With that […]

  • The 2018 Ford Expedition is all about SPACE!

    It’s like a Swiss Army Knife……on Wheels August 14, 2017…. Six Innovations on 2018 Ford Expedition Bring Space, Comfort, Stress Relief to Labor Day Family Road Trip, Back-to-School Shuttling Engineers, designers and product planners at Ford have ensured that last summer getaway with the family and the upcoming “Back-to-School” shuttles […]

  • The Right Car Insurance – More Than U Bargained 4

    by Bill Mixon our Christian Insurance Guy If you have the right insurance agent and the right insurance company you can often find that you have more than you bargained for. If you purchased the correct amount of auto liability protection you should find that you not only have liability […]

  • The Present and Future of American Pickup Trucks

    by Charles Partos with 51 State Autos Tough battles have occurred in the pickup truck market in the past, and still continue to arise in the present and the future. The competition particularly struck between the existing American pickup trucks and the new upcoming pickups, which come with even newer […]

  • Speeding Is an Expensive Habit

    by Bill Mixon (Our Christian Insurance Guy) For an additional cost some insurance companies offer accident and speeding violation forgiveness. This means some auto insurance companies will not increase your insurance costs if you have a ticket or accident.  The ‘forgiveness‘ is often conditional. In North Carolina speeding 76 miles per hour […]

  • Widow’s Might: Embracing Life after the Loss of Your Spouse

    What happens when your husband dies unexpectedly in the prime of your life and marriage? In Widow’s Might, Kim Knight shares her experience when her husband suddenly and unexpectedly died at fifty-six years old. In one day, Kim went from planning her future with her best friend to planning a […]