A really cool devotion this Christmas is to look at the names of the people in the Christmas story described in Luke 1 and 2. Below I looked at their Hebrew name, the Hebrew meaning, the original bearer of the name the Hebrew letters involved and then the scripture reference. As you consider these, I so enjoyed how God’s signature is all over this.

HE REMEMBERS His servants and honors future generations by these names, even today, how many Marys do you know or Johns or Joes, Zachs, or Elizabeths, even a few Gabes, do you think that’s an accident? Oh no, God remembers and He swears by His own, count on it, when all would be scaring us covid, politics etc… Oh no God is working all this for GOOD, Salvation and Victory are he same word in Hebrew – Yeshua- Jesus.

John – Yochanan- meaning: God is gracious -יְהוֹחָנָן – A warrior in 2 Kings 25:1

Jesus – Yeshua – meaning: Salvation- ישוע – Courageous companion of Zerubbabel EZRA 2:2

Mary – Miryam -meaning: rebellion / storm of water – מרים- Moses Sister Exodus 15, I have written much on Moses Sister:

Joseph – Yosef – meaning: to give- יוֹסֵף – and 11th Son of Jacob 

Zechariah – Zekharyah – meaning: God remembers – זְכַרְיָה – Prophet book named after 

Elizabeth – Elisheva- meaning: God has sworn – אֱלִישֶׁבַע -AARON’S wife Exodus 6:23

Gabriel – Gabriy’el –meaning: Mighty Warrior -גַּבְרִיאֵל Daniel’s Angel

God’s stamp remembering all that has come before and fulfilling His Promises from Genesis – Zachariah and Malachi’s promise of turning the hearts of the Fathers to the Children and the Children to their Fathers.