Tractor Shoes

When I was first called to do this Radio Show, years ago, I was still the Chrysler Dealer in Mocksville, North Carolina. God told me to get on the radio and talk about what was breaking my heart everyday. What was breaking my heart was watching people trade perfectly good cars and go into phenomenal debt in order to keep up their Image or Get the Next Gadget, or out of the fear that now the car was out of warranty it would nickel and dime them to death.

At the same time back in the service department folks were paying crazy amounts of money for their lack of diligence in caring for their cars, and or not understanding when a red warning light comes on it means pull over.

So most every week since then in some way I have tried to convey the thought that cars need to be paid for, No Debt. And cars need tender loving care, and they need a name like “Old Red”.
I coined the phrase: “Think about it you see Old Tractors that have been out in the Elements since the 1940’still running, why you think? Truth is if you maintain a car it will last as long as you do!”

Psalm 37:5-6 in The Complete Jewish Bible reads like this: Commit your way to Adonai; trust in him, and he will act 6 He will make your vindication shine forth like light, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.

So on today’s show I would love to hear from those of you who believe and live this cause. Call us and tell us about your vehicle the age the mileage what has it brought you through, if you have named it.  I always love that. How has God made the Justice of your cause like the noonday sun? If someone has an old sunbird out there that would be cool. Call 866-348-7884 or for the digitally gifted 866-34-truth.

A friend I knew years ago drove his vehicles far beyond anyone I knew at the time sometimes getting 250,000 miles on them and he would tell me that God wouldn’t let his shoes wear out as long as he was in the desert. How has God done that for you 866-348-7884.

Just this week I drove Old Red, (My 1995 Dodge Dakota) about 500 miles crossing the state back and forth. Covering those miles, looking down at an odometer reading over 366,000 miles thinking God don’t let my shoes wear out you know I’m in the desert. How has God done that for your car? 866-348-7884

All those hours driving I was praying, “I’m the guy who says a car will last as long as you do Lord, but really, how long will that rear axle go, Jesus you know I’m still on my second clutch.” To a great extent it is a matter of faith. Call us 866-348-7884 Tell us you shoes not wearing out in the desert story.

I also need to say it’s a safety issue to have a great mechanic who keeps things checked and maintained. We need to be alert to gauges, smells, sounds that would indicate something is failing, because essentially a car is made up of parts that wear and fatigue with age. The great “part” of that equation is parts can be replaced at no where near the cost of a new vehicle. In my view as long as the vehicle is safe it’s always less expensive to fix a car than replace it.