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Christian Car Guy Theater Cast and Crew

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  • Beat The Heat 5 How-To’s

    Beat The Heat 5 How-To’s

    Summer Know Your Controls: Really understanding your Air conditioner controls will help you beat the heat. The Max AC or Recirculate button or lever or switch as circled below is one major key. Your car struggles to cool outside air coming into your car over 80 degrees. So when outside […]

  • Bob’s 1st and Ten Yard (Junk Yard) Savings

    Bob’s 1st and Ten Yard (Junk Yard) Savings

    “Buying parts for my prize 1995 Dodge Dakota from a, “Junk Yard,” why I would never think of it, a pimento cheese sandwich maybe.”  Prejudice gets expensive right here, for over a year now I have been riding around on an Engine from Bob’s  Junk Yard, for over 8 years […]

  • Old Red Turns 400,000 with It’s Feet Fitted With The Gospel

    Old Red Turns 400,000 with It’s Feet Fitted With The Gospel

    Oh what peace we often forfeit.  At 399,830 miles Old Red started to wobble and wobble badly. Immediately, I started to worry even fret thinking, “400k Miles the front end has to be worn out, I’ll bet it needs a tie rod end, or a ball joint, could this be […]

  • False Labor (Is Painful)

    False Labor (Is Painful)

    The Traditional way to calculate labor charges for car repair since I got into it in the late 60’s is by using time guides. The Chilton and Motors were the time guides of choice for years. The principle worked like this. The time guide people would decide how long it […]

  • What’s Leaking On My Driveway?

    What’s Leaking On My Driveway?

    Unless your driveway is ill, (in such cases you need to lay hands on it as well), it may save your life, not to mention big money to stop driving until you know what’s leaking. I shutter to think, (transmission pun), of the times people thought it was an oil […]

  • Car Odor Elimination Ideas

    Car Odor Elimination Ideas

    On Today’s Show September 3rd 2016 10am ET Call In With Your Tried & True Odor Eater Call US 866-348-7884 This Bag of Charcoal/Rocks has over 1900 reviews and seems to be a hit for $9.95 Click here to go to Amazon MOSO Back in the day we just simply […]

  • How To Find A Good Mechanic

    How To Find A Good Mechanic

    One of my most asked questions as the Christian Car Guy is: How do I find a good trustworthy mechanic?… Here are a couple ideas I like to share. #1 Prayer: Don’t wait till something blows up before you pray. God, being not unlike a good earthly father, loves to […]

  • Is It Curtains for “Old Red” at 388,060 Miles

    Is It Curtains for “Old Red” at 388,060 Miles

    This week on the Christian Car Guy Show:  “Old Red” my trademark 1995 Dodge Dakota has apparently blown another head gasket, as would appear obvious from the tell tale “Milk Shaked” Motor Oil.  So do I send my devoted friend on a one way trip to 109-U-Pull-it for an encounter […]

  • Spring Time Means A Good Time To Clean

    Spring Time Means A Good Time To Clean

    If you are planning on keeping your car, like me, than your car’s finish is being attacked, right now as you are readying this by the heat of summer.  God made our skin to expand and contract with heat and cold; so have you ever given thought to what that […]

  • Dash Board  “WARNING” “WARNING”

    Dash Board “WARNING” “WARNING”

    Lives could be saved and millions of dollars if we could just adhere to the simple logic behind the color of Dash Board Lights. Red: Means “Emergency” pull over as quickly and safely as possible imminent danger!! These are the Air Bag, Oil pressure, Brake, Temperature and Alternator lights. The […]


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