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  • Different Versions and Different Problems Faced in the Power Stroke Engines

    by Steve Larry The heavy and medium-duty trucks have gone through many changes over the last few decades. Be it engine, design, equipment, and performance; the truck industry has revolutionized in modern days. There was a rise in competition in the automobile sector in producing high-quality vehicles and their components. […]

  • Simple Fix

    Sometimes a simple rap with a screw driver on that relay will get you down the road with your Air Conditioner working again like the video below.  Or that coolant leak may be a  50 cent hose clamp, how do you know when to try and fix it yourself? […]

  • Car Reality

    God showed me a simple but profound truth this week; the root word of reality has to do with a relationship to a thing, Latin, “realis” From the Classical rēs (“thing”) +‎ -ālis (suffix forming adjectives of relationship). At first glance I said, “so what?” Then as God often does […]

  • Is Your Driveway Being Anointed With Oil?

    Unless your driveway is ill, (in such cases you need to lay hands on it as well), it may save your life, not to mention big money to stop driving until you know what’s leaking.   I shutter to think, (transmission pun), of the times people thought it was an […]

  • Treating Symptoms Or The Cause

    My 18 year old daughter drove to Birmingham last weekend and sent me a text Saturday night that no dad wants to get. It was a video of here dash light indicating her car was overheating. She followed my advice and pulled over and checked her coolant and it was […]

  • Seasons Of Auto Ownership

      To everything turn, turn turn. There is a season turn, turn turn as the Byrds told us in the 60’s, or perhaps better the Bible told us long before that. A bit hard for me to grasp is Habakkuk 2:3 from the stand point of “the vision tarries”, then […]

  • Beat The Heat 5 How-To’s

    Summer Know Your Controls: Really understanding your Air conditioner controls will help you beat the heat. The Max AC or Recirculate button or lever or switch as circled below is one major key. Your car struggles to cool outside air coming into your car over 80 degrees. So when outside […]

  • Bob’s 1st and Ten Yard (Junk Yard) Savings

    “Buying parts for my prize 1995 Dodge Dakota from a, “Junk Yard,” why I would never think of it, a pimento cheese sandwich maybe.”  Prejudice gets expensive right here, for over a year now I have been riding around on an Engine from Bob’s  Junk Yard, for over 8 years […]

  • Old Red Turns 400,000 with It’s Feet Fitted With The Gospel

    Oh what peace we often forfeit.  At 399,830 miles Old Red started to wobble and wobble badly. Immediately, I started to worry even fret thinking, “400k Miles the front end has to be worn out, I’ll bet it needs a tie rod end, or a ball joint, could this be […]

  • False Labor (Is Painful)

    The Traditional way to calculate labor charges for car repair since I got into it in the late 60’s is by using time guides. The Chilton and Motors were the time guides of choice for years. The principle worked like this. The time guide people would decide how long it […]