The previous article I wrote on this in 2016 has been among my most popular –How Did John The Baptist Turn the Hearts of the Father’s To Their Children? . So the question has continued to marinate over the years. WOW! has God given me some more insight this week.

My favorite phone call from my son, “ever” was a day shortly after he got his driving license. It was raining and he worked for me after school washing cars, he left for home about five and about ten minutes later, I got the call. He sounded pretty freaked out and told me. “dad, I went around a curve in the rain, the car skidded and it went off into a deep ditch!” He was OK, and no harm was done except we had to get his car towed out of the ditch.

The reason that was my favorite call was because, I could tell when he got in serious trouble he would trust me, he would call dad. Now I understand better what the Spirit of Elijah is. Simply put it’s when the Air has been let out of your bag of wind and you call dad. Let me show you some amazing pictures the scriptures teach as do the Jews about the Spirit of Elijah.

Yeast or leaven in Hebrew is spelled – Chametz or חמץ

Unleavened bread in Hebrew is spelled – Matza or מצה

Looks like the same letters arranged differently and to an extent they are with a couple HUGE differences. Those differences in my interpretation gives light to the spirit of Elijah since his name speaks to this.

Take the letters of the Chametz – Chet – meaning life of self ending in Tzadik = righteous together and you get self righteous…Air Bag Full of Wind. I will not only make myself right but since you aren’t as smart as me I will get you right too.

Contrast the letters of the Matza = unleaven bread – Mem = Mesiah – Tzadik = Righteous then the Hei = repetance. The little gap between the yud and the dalet in the letter Hei is the gap where the air can get out and leaves us in that spot to call dad, when our car is in the ditch.

Now look at Elijah’s name in Hebrew –

Elijah is a compound of Alef – Lamed = God Almighty + yud-hei-vuv = Yaw or The Lord. Note: the hei for repentance. Turning back to the father.

Now look at Elijah’s life and you will see it’s all about letting air out of Ahab’s bag and thus the people of Israel. When they are faced with the drought God instructs Elijah to bring on that drought brings on their car getting in the ditch quickly, just as it is with Covid 19 by the way. He then shows them how much power their false God has letting more air out of the bag, then clearly prays for God to send rain, God’s plan.

At the Passover feast or Seders of today every Jew sets a Place for Elijah, but before they do that, they go on a long hard search for Chametz- Leaven. Before the Passover lamb’s blood goes over the door, they have to trust God’s plan over their own – repentance. God knew that our self saving righteousness had to have the air let out of it before we would accept his plan for freedom.

Elijah is that spirit as was John The Baptist’s Message, that was to let the air out of the windbags of his time. Repent and then be Baptized, YOU brood of Vipers. John held up God’s Standard that they knew they were not meeting in order for the air to come out of their bag to get them to repent (call dad my car is in the ditch) and then after they accepted God’s plan the next step was to get clean, (Baptism). The chametz had to get gone before the REAL PASSOVER, that was the Spirit of Elijah.

A very cool thing to note is how Elijah proceeded Elisha, Elisha’s name by the way has Jesus in it… Salvation Yeshua is Yud-Shin- Ayin – a contracted form of Yeshua – Jesus. Elisha came through the Jordan before he got the double spirit and only after he had followed his master’s plan. Then Elisha was the one who cleansed leapers, besides raising from the dead, flour and oil from the pots etc… Note where Elijah found Elisha, plowing with 12 Oxen…just sayin.

So with that amazing picture in your mind are we now living in a time of that spirit, that spirit that let’s people know that they can’t save themselves? There is plenty of Blood to go over the doors, if we can help people to see as did Elijah and John to escape the wrath to come…