What Car Guy wouldn’t love to know more about “POWER” and by this I’m guessing, Paul The Apostle is a Car Guy and certainly a Christian Car Guy.

Here’s why; in the first part of Philippians 3:10 he said:

“My aim is to know Him and the power of His resurrection”

I find that very provoking, here we have Paul who clearly had an amazing relationship with Jesus, yet, he wants more and so do I, I hope you do too. The next part “The Power of His Resurrection” I mean there is power and then there is POWER. Paul had seen so much I don’t even know how to comprehend that, yet here he is saying he wants more.

I teach Special Ministries for Adults at my church and many of those folks are non-verbal so we use sign language to highlight verses and last week Phil 3:10 was my verse and as I signed “resurrection”, I got a new feel for the power, the above picture shows how you have a little two finger dead guy lying there and he comes to life and stands on your hand. Power, Oh my Goodness. This, to me, begs the question when have you seen that kind of power in your life, in yourself or others? Something someone, some relationship was dead, no life and it came back to life resurrected, what’s your story?

I can think of several, naturally the way my heart felt when I first believed for sure and I love to see that in new believers. Then there was my car salesman language, very coarse for sure and filled with the worst death words possible. Not long after I came to Christ I prayed God would give life back to my tongue and it really went from dead to alive.

One of the toughest was my sexuality, that has taken years before he fully got my attention that it had to die to lust and pornography, to be born again innocent and bearing good fruit, love joy, peace etc… Now how about my diet?

Prayer Life, community, Oh what POWER Paul was aiming for, I wan to join him, don’t you… On today’ show, March 9th, 2019 call in and share the power you have come to know 866-348-7884 10am Eastern on The Christian Car Guy Show.