I hope your Christmas you were surrounded by God’s Love as I was in this scene with my two Grandsons. I really do feel the Halo of God’s Love when my family is with me grand kids and all at Christmas. How did you experience that this Christmas.

The Grandson in the white and on his knees is almost 4 and his brother turned two in August, yet the older is finding out that if you don’t stand up in a fight it may not go good for you.

When it comes to abiding in Jesus, the word in Hebrew you may have heard is shekin and add glory next to it and you get the Shekinah Glory. That’s where Moses was headed to abide with God up on Mt. Sinai. Though shekin means to rest, Moses had much to do up there in a prayer both times to get the Tablets and the conversations are so amazing. Though no doubt Moses rested in God as he did not eat bread or drink water for 40 days, yes 40 days and nights he “rested”.

This morning I got blown away by my ignorance of Moses’ fasts. I would have sworn that Moses only fasted that long once but a careful study of Deuteronomy 9 and 10 will reveal he fasted that long at least FOUR TIMES.

Deut. 9:9 and 9:11 the first time, 9:18 The second, 9:25 the third and 10:10 the fourth, yes Moses was up for long talk with God and Moses experienced a supernatural hunger and thirst quenching like nothing I have ever for sure.

All the rest of the camp was terrified of that Mountain; yet time and again Moses saw the Shekinah Glory up there as he had seen in the burning bush and he took a four and a half week vacation and did nothing but talk with God.

So resting in God does not mean you don’t stand up and climb to higher ground, as my older grandson learned the hard way. I suggested to him after this video that he stand and the results battles he easily won, yet the younger enjoyed winning the first rounds.

So I don’t know about you but I am challenged to abide a lot more in 2021 and based on my food intake over the Christmas Holidays it wouldn’t hurt me to fast a little too.. πŸ™‚