In the book Job chapter 41 we have such an amazing description of Leviathan/Satan that God was explaining to the man who had been viciously attacked by Satan, and what his adversary looks like and thinks like.

In verse: 20

“Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron.”

Job 41:20

That word smoke in Hebrew is the word Hebrew word for hate as we would see it, and the Hebrew word for hate is by it’s individual letters a picture of oxidizing seeds. With that add the understanding of why Bible commentators use smoke in the bible as a picture of Judgement.

God is oxidizing Satan’s seeds or Satan is trying to oxidize God’s its all over the Bible from Satan’s killing of Babies from one end to the other, even Jesus explanation of the birds/Satan comes and steals the seed in the parable of the sowers and God uses fire to cleanse as well as so many of Satan’s seeds are taking root all around us.

The idea of Satan’s judgement – Judge NOT! Don’t look at your brother and hate Jesus explains in the sermon on the mount is murder, when you try to oxidize his seeds. What is the opposite, or opposition.

Be fruitful and multiply – sow – sow – sow. Love, Joy, Peace etc.. Think of the seeds that are in God’s word, the more we take in or teach especially to our children oh my what a Forrest of trees of righteousness will sprout.

Remember, Satan is after you kids, abortion, its been that way since BAAL worship, burning the kids in the Fire!!! WHAT ????


In his neck remaineth strength, and sorrow is turned into joy before him.

Job 41:22

The word Joy may be translated Danced before him – Remember God prepares a TABLE before us in the Presence of Our Enemy…. Yum, yum guess who’s coming FOR dinner.