The Sensuous Symbolism of a 2019 Pontiac Trans Am; those of us who knew that Pontiac “Built Excitement” can literally feel something when we look at the firebird on the hood, the hood scoop, the honeycomb wheels. The sound of that Smokey and the Bandit 455 rumbling, or the wind rushing over your face when you pull out the t-tops, and there was a smell it wasn’t just new car smell it was a Pontiac Smell or at least a GM smell, I would bet that you could blindfold me and sit me down in a vintage Ford, GM or Chrysler and I could tell you which one by the smell, I could sure tell you by the sound of the starter or the engine. Then there was that road feel, it was completely different from a Camaro or a  Mustang, a Trans Am was a Trans AM. I have to laugh at the fact that these guys with Trans Am World Wide are getting rich off of GM’s lack of vision to bring that car back.

Identity is a beautiful thing, but for me the symbolism that Solomon wrote about was a lot more than excitement, it is more than I can even fathom. Yes, who on their wedding night wouldn’t be excited, even jubilant over this description Song of Songs 7:3

“Your navel is a round goblet, may it not lack mixed wine. Your belly is a heap of wheat enclosed with lilies.”

Yes that’s something to see and feel and smell, PLUS!!! you can go deeper, yes the wine and the wheat, the naval and the lilies all have a scarlet thread to them that runs throughout the scriptures.

Your naval is the place where you were linked to your mother, your heritage a place of home and family.

The wine and the wheat symbolize communion right, communing with your future husband, Christ.

Then there is the lilies, what a treat we have here, check the 45th Psalm, the wedding Psalm, that Psalm is sung to the tune of lilies. Time and again in Solomon’s song we see Him among the lilies, “my beloved is mine and I am his He browses among the lilies.”  The word “lilies” comes from a root of the Hebrew word “sus” that means to rejoice. Think about that, of course Jesus would be browsing there among those that rejoice in communion with Him.

Another marvel of Sensuous Symbolism was in Solomon’s temple coming in you would pass by the two front pillars, the Pillar of Jachin and Boaz. You would see the Lilies rejoicing atop of them but don’t miss that Jachin is the oneness that establishes the fellowship of the trinity a sensuous marvel from which everything was created for our senses. Then Boaz, the Kinsman Redeemer that allows us to have the life and abundantly to join that fellowship in communion.  Yes, Jesus had a naval, He is that man born of woman, who is in every sense your Brother and able to redeem you… He is the Ultimate Sensuous Sensation… Find out more by getting to know Jesus.