Something for Nothing, you can’t help but like the sound of that. The world tells you that it can’t happen that it’s a sign of a con or swindle and it sure can be, it takes wisdom to discern for sure if something sounds to good to be true. The idea of perpetual motion so has engineers scratching their heads because it’s the mechanical side of something for nothing, “can’t be” they say. Per the Chevrolet Video, below shot in the 1940’s.. So let’s have a little fun with this, I’ll share some practical, ‘New Car’ Something for nothing concepts and move into some kinda new I was headed there didn’t you.

OK, so I bought a ‘New Car’, (could be used, but it’s new to you); WHAT about all my free stuff, oil changes, warranty, even tires. The time spent completing the purchase of your new car can be very confusing to say the least, you just went through the negotiation on your trade and the price of the car now comes financing options, service options, warranty options, insurance a whole lot coming at you very fast and can be a ton of money. I have seen car deals that the purchases after the car cost more than the car; seems crazy but it happens.  I could write an article on each item and perhaps I should but here is a very brief list and my view on them.

EXTENDED WARRANTY: To begin with the word is misleading, a warranty is protection from defects in workmanship or materials, that comes with the car and its included in the selling price. What they are trying to sell you is a service contract and essentially an insurance policy with lots and lots of exclusions normally. They are essentially betting you will pay more for the coverage than you use and its the only way they stay in business is averages and they are playing them.

Oil Changes for Life and Other Maintenance plans, tires etc…:These products work in a similar way you pay up front through your finance contract essentially giving them the cash up front and you pay interest. Then they are betting you trade the car or don’t redeem their offer before the money runs out. It is how they do it and they need to sell more and more to pay for the ones that are already out there. Personally I’m glad they are on that tread mill not me.

Credit Life and Accident and Health Insurance: These products are almost always a way overpriced option. Simply put if you want life insurance or Accident and Health I would price check with a good insurance agent before considering these. Again you will pay interest on top of the products.

One way you can look at something for nothing that I personally prefer is, ‘A GIFT’. Yes, a gift and one of the biggest gifts I was ever given that I enjoy beyond my understanding is my faith. With my faith comes all God’s graces, more gifts. I love the way William Gurnall said it. ‘Your faith is the cup bearer, your Nehemiah to Artaxerxes. Your Joy comes in the ‘Faith’ cup… 1 Peter 1:8 Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory,”

Think about it, I can give up worry, I can move mountains, I can forgive any wrong ever done to me, I can even forgive myself… IF and only IF I believe. Believe That Jesus is the Son of God that he went to that cross to pay for my sin and that He was resurrected and lives and because I believe He Lives in Me and I am A New Creation…WHAT A GIFT!!!  It goes on and on perpetual motion beyond our wildest imagination right in front of our noses…IF WE ONLY BELIEVE.