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  • Magical Mystery Tour

    Don’t you love a good mystery, the Bible is one after another after another, that’s what makes it so fun to dig for treasure. One I came across this week is loaded with mystery and treasure. “The Anointing of Jesus with Nard”. How many times did it happen? It’s in […]

  • What this World Needs is a Little Wonder

    The Christian Car Guy Radio Show Check out this episode!

  • What This World Needs Is A Little Wonder

    Did you ever wonder, really did you ever really really wonder; of course you did, especially when you were a child, the child like heart loves to wonder. Come wonder with me then about all God was picturing for us as He rescued the Israelites from slavery. The pillar of […]

  • Moments Before They Went to Heaven

    DYING CHILDREN AND YOUTH:  from Touching Incidents and Inspiring Stories (published 1887) now out of print The grasp of the mind of childhood upon the great truths of religion is frequently felt most perceptibly when the little sufferers are near their end. When a boy we heard the narration of […]

  • The Dying Drummer Boy

    I was a surgeon in the United States Army during the Civil War. After the battle of Gettysburg, there were hundreds of wounded soldiers in my hospital. Many were wounded so severely that a leg or an arm, or sometimes both, needed to be amputated. One of these was a […]