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  • Giving Thanks For A Thorn In The Paint

    Does Your Car have a thorn in the paint? Old Red Sure does, the longer you own a car the more familiar you become with it’s thorn. In Old Red my 1985 Dakota for years I have struggled with it overheating and blowing head gaskets. Have I ever thanked God […]

  • Truckers and Trauma

    Truckers and Trauma Peter Rosenberger On Interstate 40 in west Tennessee, a young woman in a sedan sped past a group of truckers on November 18,1983. Maneuvering her car in front of the lead trucker, she stayed a bit out in front of him for a while on the long […]

  • What Cancer Can’t Do

    This is the wonderful Poem Described by our Oncology Nurse Chae last Saturday… Here are the Lyrics Cancer It cannot cripple Love It cannot corrode Faith It cannot eat away Peace It cannot destroy Confidence It cannot kill Friendship It cannot shut out memories It cannot silence Courage It cannot […]

  • Caught In Adultery

    Jesus came to “bind up the brokenhearted“, Isaiah 61:1,  and it seems Jesus keeps showing me more and more places that need binding. Thursday, I was enjoying my commute and memories were flooding in with every sign and tree I noticed. Suddenly I saw and Old Mobil Gas Sign, (the […]

  • Understanding The God “Murders” in The Bible

    Recently I got a text from a close family member who was struggling with all the death in the old testament, even calling God a murderer, I understand that,  I used to think along those lines, here is what I told them. When I read through the Bible the first […]

  • Liar

    This is certainly awkward,  but yes temptation got me and I was not being completely honest. Then of all things at a church meeting for the Calvary Car Show coming up June 2nd of all things, and even with Pastors present… WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT GOD? God has clearly […]

  • Just Because You Have To Do It By Yourself Doesn’t Mean You Have To Do It Alone

    Years ago NAPA auto parts used this slogan to help you see that fathering you through a car repair was a big part of what NAPA know How is all about. Nothing like feeling helpless under the hood with no clue why your car won’t start or it’s overheating, alone […]

  • Is Your Car Having An Identity Crisis

    On Today’s Show Call In 866-348-7884 and Allow US to Help Name Your Vehicle with The Car Name Generator and receive this customized authentic Christian Car Guy Birth Certificate for Your Vehicle Brought to you byConfused.com In preparation for Next Weeks Christian Car Guy Theater where you may be surprised […]

  • The Greatest Wrestling Hold: The “Overcomer”

    In Jacob’s all night wrestling match with the ‘man’/’angel’/ “God” way down in the details I believe we can glean the secret wrestling hold he used to overcome. Truly amazing is that as he overcame then God bestowed on him the gifts He promises to us in Revelation 2 and […]

  • The Divine Cover-Up

    From the skins God covered Adam and Eve with, Tar/Pitch on Noah’s and Moses’ Arcs, the Arc of the Covenant, and now a Christian’s heart; God has got you covered in more than amazing ways. The depth of witch I can’t fathom, but I do love spending time attempting it. […]