What Did You Learn In The Storm

Each time we go through one of these major winter storms it seems I learn something valuable for the next time. One year I learned that carrying a shovel is a must, boy has that one come in handy. When all those folks got stranded in Atlanta last year I learned the value of a candle in the car. This year I found out that it’s a must, that we clean off all the snow and ice from the vehicle before we travel or someone could get killed by our flying ice ‘snow missiles’ and in several states you can get a ticket. So on today’s show I know that “you” learned something last week in the storm, so I want to urge you to call in and share it 866-348-7884, what did you learn, perhaps the hard way last week in the storm.

The spiritual side of this one is quite valuable as well and it has quite a learning curve I’ve noticed, as I bet you have too. Life’s storms come and sometimes like a “bliznato” for sure, and each time we have a chance to learn something amazing. It has been my experience that the more severe the storm the more amazing God has shown up in the midst to teach me something valuable. So here too I would urge you to call us with your “bliznato” spiritual storm, 866-348-7884.

Just that understanding alone gives me hope and peace, the bigger the storm the bigger God shows up; I do know that. A friend of mine shared a really cool analogy on how the “great cloud of witnesses, Hebrews 12:1” might feel as they observe me in the storm.

It seems his wife has this Beta fish and this fish he feels hold him responsible for feeding it because the way it looks at him from it’s bowl, very anxious to be fed by the look in it’s eye.  So he feeds it, then the fish kinda freaks out running around the bowl somehow losing track of where the food is. So my friend watches with a great anxiousness to see and somehow even hopes to help the fish find the food he can’t see. “OH HE JUST MISSED IT! It’s right over there just turn a little to the left, warmer, warmer,warmer…AHHHHH it’s right in front of your face!”

True it’s so much easier to see the food from outside the bowl, but the only hope the little fishy has is if he stays hungry, and doesn’t  forget that the food is in the tank. So I know from enough of life’s storm experiences that God is coming for me, the food is in the tank I just need to remember and stay hungry.