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My name is Anita Rutland. I am writing to ask if you would consider
teaming up with a non profit foundation for a special project.
FR Mobility Foundation is raising funds to assist me in acquiring a
handicap accessible vehicle…. but my vehicle needs are unusual. I
live in rural Montana. We have feet of snow here at the time. During
the thaw season we have mud. 4×4 is required here most of the year.
The problem is the only vehicles currently converted for handicap use
that are 4×4 can’t handle this environment much of the time.
It is my hope that you would consider helping to raise funds or share
the fund page and add to your prayer list.
 I live alone with my two dogs since losing my mother in
2013. I am homebound 8-9 months out of the year due to lack of
adequate handicap vehicle.
I believe a vehicle like the Hummer H2 would be the most adequate for
my environment even though they do not have great gas mileage.. I live
here because of the many sensitivities of my rare disease and moving
is not an option. I can provide more info on this if needed.
The Hummer H2 would handle the snow and mud and has great ground
clearance but the inside is not tall enough for a person in a power
wheelchair. Normally floors are lowered to make room but I would not
want to lose much ground clearance.
I am asking for help with my situation. The companies that do handicap
conversions only adapt certain year, make and model vehicles. They do
not convert Hummer.
 I can’t even get to a grocery store most of the year.
It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something that will work in this
environment and allow access to enter and exit driver side in power
I have a car to trade toward what I need but we haven’t raised
additional funding yet or found anyone that can do this.
I can put you in contact with man at FR Mobility Foundation in MD. I may can
find other foundations willing to join in the effort if you are
I can provide any other info you may need like dimensions of my
wheelchair, photos of where I live, my contact info, Foundation
contact info, etc or answer any
questions you may have.
I truly hope you will consider helping with this desperate situation.
Thank you for your time and attention to this letter.
Hope to hear back from you soon.
Many Blessings,
Anita Rutland
fundraiser link