I believe if you look closely at the picture above you can easily see a similarity between these Car insignia, yes they are all shields and I believe inside that picture you’ll find what most find critical to the question of what is the best car. Historically shields did a number of things they protected, true, but they were also  steeped in Family honor, Clan and Country.

Traveling from the beginning of time and for centuries has been a risky business, away from home completely vulnerable. You need protection and this is reflected even today when you go out look around and see the shields represented. Policeman carry what, as do Fireman? Look at the interstate signs.


So from ancient times people needed protection and this not only came from the shield itself but the person carrying it, and that was represented by the heraldry.  The lion, or the cross, or the swan or a sword. The idea being that if you see a shield coming at you with that great big lion of King Richard, essentially if your were English, “No Worries”.

So the best car is the one that you can ride around in feeling protected, safe as you have faith that this companies honor is on the line if you break down and that is very true. I have seen it from my early days in the car business that some have great faith in a line of cars and through their faith seen almost miraculous events I’ll share on today’s show. Other’s have a minor problem lose faith and it’s all down hill from there, has been my experience… Do you think it’s any wonder that Paul in Ephesians 6:16 said above all take up the shield of FAITH.

Note what the Greeks felt about their shield, and the  knight’s of old would say, “it’s better to lose the field than lose your shield”. Why was that? An ancient  Greek King Demaratos was asked why it so dishonored a soldier to lose his shield, his answer is more than insightful. He said that, for a soldier to lose his helmet or his breast plate affected only his safety but to lose his shield left the entire line vulnerable. Think about that for a moment, if I have faith I’m not just protecting myself but those about me.

The same could be said about your car, if you have faith in Honda and you tell everyone that has a Honda what a great car, those words have a great effect. On the other hand if you have a problem with that Honda and you tell others the problem they will start looking for it in their car and as Abraham Lincoln said, “Those who look for the bad in others will surely find it”.

So what’s you pick for the best car, the one you have the most faith in, it’s a Shield.