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  • How Long Do I Suffer

    How Long Do I Suffer

    “Love Suffers Long” 1Corinthians 13:4a the more I ponder this the better I like it, not to say it doesn’t hurt but it does bring life and it brings a lot of it. The more I Love ‘OLD RED’ my 1995 Dodge Dakota the longer I am willing to suffer […]

  • Beat The Heat 5 How-To’s

    Beat The Heat 5 How-To’s

    Summer Know Your Controls: Really understanding your Air conditioner controls will help you beat the heat. The Max AC or Recirculate button or lever or switch as circled below is one major key. Your car struggles to cool outside air coming into your car over 80 degrees. So when outside […]

  • Vacation Ready: 5 Must Haves

    Vacation Ready: 5 Must Haves

    1. Plan For Adventure and Beauty “Life is not a problem to be solved; it is an adventure to be lived.”  John Eldridge … Wherever the destination, adventure and beauty combine to make it a blast and good for us. Going through the valley of death sounds like adventure to […]

  • Broke Down: Who You Gonna Call?

    Broke Down: Who You Gonna Call?

    That moment when your daughter’s car breaks down, or you wife just had an accident, perhaps you came out of your office and a tree limb has just come across your car’s roof. At times like these to have a prepared plan and list of people to call is mission […]

  • Child Seat Safety 101 – Two Common Mistakes

    Child Seat Safety 101 – Two Common Mistakes

    The two issues pictured above I have seen many, many times and are both potentially deadly. Simply put the Chest Clip and the Locking clips need to be in the right place at the right time as pictured above… Fortunately the newer cars have these anchors pictured here to save […]

  • Preparing Your Car For The Next Season with Jerry Mathis

    Preparing Your Car For The Next Season with Jerry Mathis

    On today’s Show Guest Host Jerry Mathis of Ray’s Body Shop and Wrecker Service will help you get ready for the next season by caring for your car. Then I’m sure Jerry will take us on a spiritual adventure along the same lines. Last Spring Stoner Car Care Solutions sent […]

  • What’s The Best Car?

    What’s The Best Car?

    I believe if you look closely at the picture above you can easily see a similarity between these Car insignia, yes they are all shields and I believe inside that picture you’ll find what most find critical to the question of what is the best car. Historically shields did a […]

  • Sliding Through The Snow: My 5 Tips

    Sliding Through The Snow: My 5 Tips

    One minute you are driving along thinking it’s not too bad, in a flash everything changes the car swerves, your first reaction to hit the brakes made it worse and you slide into the ditch hopefully without crashing into something. None the less your whole world now goes into to […]

  • To Tell The Truth

    To Tell The Truth

    To tell The Truth…Looking Back over a lifetime connected to the Car Business … These words are life giving. Just ‘tell the Truth’, seems so simple but can I share how the world complicates that for a young person going into say, car sales, or a parts sales, or even […]

  • Are You Ready?

    Are You Ready?

    Snow tires: Softer rubber helps on ice and snow not just to get through the snow but to stop and corner on ice. Flush That Radiator: protect your engine with fresh clean ph balanced coolant. Acid forms in your coolant and deteriorates your cooling system. Not to mention the protection […]


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Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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