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  • Car Repair Terms Glossary

    Car Repair Terms Glossary

    In the 50’s we had decoder rings for this sort of thing, but it’s easy to get lost in the rhetoric, here is a bit of a glossary for car repair terminology. Aftermarket Parts Automotive replacement parts that were not made by the original equipment manufacturer. Air-drying The process of […]

  • Fool Fuel

    Fool Fuel

    The word, Fool clearly has a bad feel to it, but lately I have been considering the word, at its heart it has to do with being tricked, duped into choosing a counterfeit, you thought you were getting the good stuff but you were fooled. So in order to be […]

  • Simple Fix

    Simple Fix

    Sometimes a simple rap with a screw driver on that relay will get you down the road with your Air Conditioner working again like the video below.  Or that coolant leak may be a  50 cent hose clamp, how do you know when to try and fix it yourself? […]

  • College Bound Kids: Car Care Life Skills – 5 Contacts and 8 Should Knows

    College Bound Kids: Car Care Life Skills – 5 Contacts and 8 Should Knows

    College, time to drop them off in a new city, how will they know what to do if their car breaks down, they get in an accident, need a tow, or get a flat tire? Do they know how to check their oil, tire pressure, when to get their car […]

  • Treating Symptoms Or The Cause

    Treating Symptoms Or The Cause

    My 18 year old daughter drove to Birmingham last weekend and sent me a text Saturday night that no dad wants to get. It was a video of here dash light indicating her car was overheating. She followed my advice and pulled over and checked her coolant and it was […]

  • 5 Cheapest New Cars For 2018

    5 Cheapest New Cars For 2018

    As of January 13, 2018 the list looks like this. 2018 Nissan  Versa $12,110 2018 Chevy Spark $13,050 2018 Mitsubishi Mirage $13,395 2018 Kia Rio $13,995 2018 Ford Fiesta $14,115 A quick study of these cars; they seem to have a 4 star crash ratings, all will get you amazing […]

  • How Long Do I Suffer

    How Long Do I Suffer

    “Love Suffers Long” 1Corinthians 13:4a the more I ponder this the better I like it, not to say it doesn’t hurt but it does bring life and it brings a lot of it. The more I Love ‘OLD RED’ my 1995 Dodge Dakota the longer I am willing to suffer […]

  • Beat The Heat 5 How-To’s

    Beat The Heat 5 How-To’s

    Summer Know Your Controls: Really understanding your Air conditioner controls will help you beat the heat. The Max AC or Recirculate button or lever or switch as circled below is one major key. Your car struggles to cool outside air coming into your car over 80 degrees. So when outside […]

  • Vacation Ready: 5 Must Haves

    Vacation Ready: 5 Must Haves

    1. Plan For Adventure and Beauty “Life is not a problem to be solved; it is an adventure to be lived.”  John Eldridge … Wherever the destination, adventure and beauty combine to make it a blast and good for us. Going through the valley of death sounds like adventure to […]

  • Broke Down: Who You Gonna Call?

    Broke Down: Who You Gonna Call?

    That moment when your daughter’s car breaks down, or you wife just had an accident, perhaps you came out of your office and a tree limb has just come across your car’s roof. At times like these to have a prepared plan and list of people to call is mission […]


Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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