Guest Host, Darrin Koone on this Saturday’s Show shared this verse, Hebrews 12:2 on the subject of teens wanting a car, I immediately remembered what my parents taught me, (by accident) which truly was passed on to all my kids and changed their lives and mine.

When I was 14 my father owned the AMC/Jeep Dealership in Albuquerque so naturally I thought I would be given any car I wanted: “NOT!” My father told me that summer as school let out, “son I will pay you $30 a month, (that’s about a dollar a day or 14 Cents per hour, just sayin) and at the end of the summer you will have $90 to buy a car.” I gladly worked the whole time enduring the heat and washing cars to earn my car, that turned out to be a 1960 Rambler American, 3 on the tree, (for those who know what that means), upside down Bath Tub as seen below. The thing was that I dearly loved that car perhaps even more than old red, I worked hard and earned every penny.

My brother was two years younger, my parents had moved to Kansas City and in the midst of a divorce when he was old enough to get a car. No, he didn’t

have to work all summer to get a car, they “GAVE” him an 1975 MGB. Though as you can see below an amazing car, he had no where near the love for it that I did my Rambler and he totaled it in a couple weeks.

I learned something and though I owned a Chrysler Store when my older children where wanting a car,  they too had to work for their cars, (I did pay much more than my father, though they had to wash cars as well). They both cherished their cars and learned the value of hard work in the process. Then when my youngest, Mariah came to that age we were no longer in any position to help her with a job and she went to work at Chic-Fil-A to earn the money to buy her car, she became a manager and got a nice scholarship to go along with her new understanding of hard work.

On today’s show Darrin and Bob Young will share this verse and what it has to teach young folks at this transition of life.