Christmas so often for me is a treasure hunt, I love Cindi Lou Who’s Lament in The Grinch movie, “Where are you Christmas, why can’t I find you?” So as I took on that hunt this week of advent God really poured on the treasure.

Note: versus 18 and 19 of the Christmas Story in Luke 2:
18 And all those who heard were amazed at the things the shepherds told them. 19 But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart. 20

This makes me wonder if Luke didn’t get the story directly from Mary, she had kept it safe in her treasure chest, her heart.

I have written many times on the heart being the lost Ark.  This week I began studying the word ark in Hebrew and discovered a meaning I wasn’t expecting, the word in Hebrew is  “‘arown” and  means in a way a treasure chest of gathered fruit. Yes, it contained the manna, the law and the branch that budded, which being an almond branch being the first fruit in that part of the world.

So without going too deep, in Cindi Lou Who’s song as sung by Faith Hill in the movie at the end we discover that Christmas was in her heart same as Mary. Fruit.

Yesterday I had the joy of giving away a car to a Jesus Labor of love applicant who had been waiting since June and believe me, I stored up those moments in my heart as I got to see God come through where I had botched it up so badly. See I had told them I had a car by accident when it was really supposed to go to the person who had been waiting longer. They were very gracious when I made the mistake but I could sense the heart break, but her faith amazed me. As it turned out God provided another car for that other applicant and this one did in fact receive that car on the very day December 14 I had told her by mistake.

So I got to treasure this in my heart, so many treasures as I begin to look around, what’s Yours?