No doubt these are times where no man has gone before, as we are discovering moment by moment how little control we really have over our lives. The instinctive place to go is for comfort, especially after a fight of any kind and make no mistake we are in a battle, the sprint of fear, the spirit of death and the spirit of hate are having a hay day.

So yes prayer is the way we can fight, God is way bigger than those guys, but what do you do for comfort if you are honest, where is your heart leading you these days. In my case I started binge watching Star Trek The original series then graduated to a couple of the movies with the original cast. The question I kept asking, Jesus is, “WHY? what is it about Start Trek that my heart is craving?”

His Answer: “Robby you need story for context, Start Trek stories always face a totally new (Where No Man Has Gone Before) context, Captain Kirk/ Me, Jesus, always gets them out of trouble and the stories are completely safe, there is no way, Captain Kirk or Spock or Dr. McCoy or Scotty or Chekov or Sulu every die or if they do, they will time warp, Genesis planet or something to come back to life. Further, Captain Kirk doesn’t believe in the Kobayashi Maru, (The No Win Scenario) and neither do I, Romans 8:28..All things Work Together right. In other words, those stories comfort you because they are telling THE STORY. “

The Bible is full of them, yes… but if you are honest, what stories is your heart craving right now and what would Jesus tell you about that? That’s today’s show I am praying you will call with your comfort show, and let’s pray together of interpretation as it is our hearts that God is healing, that we may resume the fight.

No car goes anywhere without a driver, (even if that’s artificial intelligence these days), our hearts are what drive us and a broken one may drive us to bad places, just sayin…. been there just this week. Jesus come after our hearts…Please.