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  • How to Buy Your First Car

    by Sladen West: guest contributor Whether you’re purchasing a vehicle to get to your very first job or need a car for graduate school, buying a car for the first time is an exciting venture. From knowing when to shop to how your credit score affects your purchase, keeping some […]

  • 6 Vacation Insurance Tips by Bill Mixon our Christian Insurance Guy

    1. Consider dropping  deductibles for the week or two while on vacation. If you are going to have an accident it is most likely when you are driving places you have never been before.  If I did not have comprehensive and collision protection on the car I am driving, I […]

  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation

    BCRF Guest post After a celebrating our mothers this month, everyone is spending a little extra time thinking about the incredible women in our lives. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) is constantly working on ways to commemorate those who have suffered from this disease as well as celebrating survivors […]