Overview: Christ, Cars & Coffee is a ministry devoted to sharing the gospel through fellowship and building Christian relationships related to car culture.  Christ, Cars & Coffee or CCC, was the vision of Mike Mooney and Marty Haynes who, in addition to their long-time friendship and Christian faith, share the love of classic automobiles.  They both are semi-retired and live in Southern California.

CCC was formed based upon the scripture found in Acts chapter 2:42:  “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”

In October of 2018, CCC began providing a daily devotion with a car picture each day through text messaging (M-F 7AM, Sat 8 AM, and Sundays at 1pm) and holding regular meetings once every six weeks on Saturdays from 7:30-9:00 AM, including breakfast, worship, a devotional message, a car story or two, with many classic cars on display.

CCC meetings are a blend between a church service and a car club gathering. CCC does not require any form of membership or application.  Invitations to a CCC meeting are sent electronically and by word of mouth, and are not associated with a particular church or denomination.  Gatherings are informal and low-key, and are focused on sharing the gospel and providing a meeting place for Christian fellowship.  CCC recognizes not all attendees actively attend church, nor are practicing Christians. Through fellowship, believers and those seeking to know and understand the Christian faith are welcomed in a friendly setting.  CCC is not intended to replace regular church attendance or a church community and is meant to foster and build relationships through a common interest. 

CCC is devoted to five Christian principles:

Daily scripture reading, prayer, obedience, fellowship, and Christian service.

Currently, the costs involved in holding meetings and providing food are done on a volunteer basis.  The average size of a meeting has grown from 10-20 to 25-35. The informal setting and an opportunity to fellowship has a broad appeal and has at times, included both men, women and youth, although it is primarily men who attend. Meetings have been held at various locations including parks and at Mike’s shop.

Advice and Council: Mike and Marty, along with several others including pastors, provide spiritual guidance and direction for CCC.  Several long-time Christians serve as mentors and mingle with new attendees to make them feel welcome.  Messages are prepared in advance and have a biblical focus.  Some topics have included the restoration process of both cars and people, bible prophecy, faith, perseverance, and the tenants of the Christian faith.  Those who have prayer requests or are in need of prayer are encouraged to share, and CCC supports several other ministries through prayer and volunteerism, including addiction recovery, youth camp, and prison ministry.  

Our Vision: While CCC remains a small ministry in its Southern California locality, it has great potential to reach far and wide to others who wish to gather in fellowship and share in the good news of the gospel through the common interest of cars.

CCC is able to provide support and advice to others wishing to start their own version of CCC by providing a framework, daily scripture messaging, weekly recorded messages via video or audio podcasts, and creating and maintaining a calendar of events.

The potential for CCC is great, and we believe helpful to the Christian community as a whole, as both an outreach way to provide support for other ministries in the local community.  We welcome the opportunity to work with others in sharing the gospel!  Please consider how we might be able to help you and please reach out to us!


Mike Mooney & Marty Haynes

CCC co-founders