Audio Teaching

It would seem that God has had me on lesson plan on prayer this week. So this morning I felt Him leading me towards this topic. What would be some ways to pray about and for your vehicle and driving needs. So as you might imagine I have been praying about these prayers and here are a few prayer starters.

  • Lord, I want to pray that your heart is blessed for providing me with my transportation needs.

As a father gets excited to give his children gifts and feel their Gratitude and Joy, I know my heavenly Father deserves that and so much more for meeting my needs in this area. So in a way I want to enter into my car with Thanksgiving, being grateful and joyful for His provision.

  • Lord, I want to pray that this vehicle blesses You in the way I use it. Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done through this area of my life.

  • Lord I want to pray that You lead me to a good support group for my vehicle, and shepherd me through being a good steward here with, a good and gas station, a good mechanic, a good insurance agent, a good body shop, a good tire store and part store.

  • Lord I want to pray that You travel with me and through me in my driving both in spirit and in action.

  • Lord I want to pray that you forgive me for my driving distraction both away from You and my driving.

  • Lord help me to forgive others for their distraction as You have forgiven me and lead me to pray for them as well.

  • Lord don’t let me be lead into temptation or distraction.

  • Lord please deliver me from evil when it comes to my transportation.

  • Lord help me to see your Kingdom and power and glory through all this forever, Amen.