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  • Surrounded – Great Cloud of Martyr Moms

    I too have a Mom and a Grand Mom and a great-great grand and even a great-great-great-great-great-great-grand Mom, each suffered a lot; not just at the birth of the life that lead to mine, but if they knew the love of Christ, they suffered for their child at each hurt, […]

  • Tuning Your Heart To WGOD

    The Word Shepherd is repeated 32 times in Ezekiel 34 my guess is that’s God’s way of Saying “Hello McFly” and knocking on my head. Pay attention this is important not to mention John chapter 10 is all about a good Shepherd, Abel, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Rebecca, Moses, David, the […]

  • In The Showroom Of Grace Your True Value Is On Display

    Grace means favor or favorite, if you don’t feel like you are highly favored you may be in the wrong show room… Here is an amazing story sent to me by a dear friend to illustrate… “A father said to his daughter, “You have graduated with honors, here is a […]

  • I Miss You All The Time

    Where Are You, Robby or your name fill in the blank? Truth is I am rarely where I need to be, that is in His Presence… God showed me some amazing things this week that have helped me. Tune in today to find out more and join the discussion – […]

  • Do You Believe In Easter

    The Story of Edith Easter # 192-A Series: Fictional Stories: An Easter Story By Russell Kelfer The Story of Edith Easter It was not your typical doctor’s office. Great pains had been taken (I understand doctors don’t like that expression) but great pains had been taken to create the atmosphere […]

  • What Does Hosanna Mean?

    For Further Study Donkeys Gen 22:3 Abraham sets Issac on an Ass Gen 49:11 Israel’s prophesy of Judah  Ex 4:20  Moses rides into Egypt on an ass Numbers 22:21-32 Balsam’s Ass Judges 10:4 & 12:14 – thirty the 40 Judges on colts Judges 15:15 Samson and the Jawbone 1 Sam […]

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