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  • The Father’s Heart

    As the Prodigal turns towards home, The Father’s Heart swells with Anticipation!!! I pray you have experienced it as a son, and even a father or a grand father… What’s Your Story? Today on The Christian Car Guy call us 866-348-7884 Christian Music Artist Justin Gambino Shares His Story Today […]

  • Water Walking 101

    There are some amazing clues In Matthew 14:28 to not only walking on water but in your calling in general, if you look closely and dig deep.  Peter responded and said to Him, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.” On the triangulation […]

  • Remember Me

    Jesus said it when He instituted communion, the thief said it on the cross, Joseph said it to the Cup Bearer, (who forgot). Now is our chance for all those who paid such a dear, dear price for our very lives and freedom, not just the soldiers, they all had […]

  • Surrounded – Great Cloud of Martyr Moms

    I too have a Mom and a Grand Mom and a great-great grand and even a great-great-great-great-great-great-grand Mom, each suffered a lot; not just at the birth of the life that lead to mine, but if they knew the love of Christ, they suffered for their child at each hurt, […]

  • Tuning Your Heart To WGOD

    The Word Shepherd is repeated 32 times in Ezekiel 34 my guess is that’s God’s way of Saying “Hello McFly” and knocking on my head. Pay attention this is important not to mention John chapter 10 is all about a good Shepherd, Abel, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Rebecca, Moses, David, the […]

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